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Teleflex Mechanical Tilt Steering Products

Technical Reference Manual

Great for Any Boat

Teleflex Tilt Steering brings comfort and convenience to any boat.
Tilt steering allows adjustment of the wheel to suit nearly any physique
and driving position!


  • 5 adjustment positions in 12° increments.
  • Attractive, rugged design.
  • Models available for nearly all Teleflex steering systems!
    Look for this symbol:
  • Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft.
  • Meets/exceeds applicable requirements.

NOTE: When properly installed, Tilt Steering systems will connect to engines with ABYC standard tilt tubes, using engine manufacturer's link arm. For other engines, see Steering Connection Kits section for options. NFB is not for use with power assisted steering or autopilots.

Replacing an Existing Tilt?

Identify the Existing Tilt Mechanism:
If the existing mechanism is a Teleflex Performance Tilt, Teleflex offers drop-in replacement components: Tilt mechanism, helm and cable. If the existing mechanism is Teleflex Standard or Deluxe Tilt, the mechanism and helm must be replaced. The cable must also be replaced unless the helm is a Safe-T QC, NFB 4.2 or Big-T type.

If the existing Tilt system is Morse or any brand besides Teleflex, the mechanism, helm and steering cable must all be replaced. Scroll down for more detailed information.

Teleflex Tilt Mechanisms:




Identify the Existing Helm:
If the helm being replaced is any of those shown on the right page, it can be replaced and will bolt up to the Performance Tilt mechanism and connect to the existing steering cable. Scroll down for more detailed information.

Helm and mechanism are included in the Dash Module kit, which is available for selected mechanical steering types.

Upgrading to Tilt Steering?

Before selecting your Tilt system, please refer to these guides:
  • "What to Consider When Servicing Steering"
    (page 11)
  • "Identifying Steering on the Boat"
    (pages 12-22 and 24-25)
  • "Steering Options Based on Engine Type"
    (pages 6-7)

Select the appropriate steering type from the guides listed above, then determine which part numbers are needed from the next page or the appropriate steering system page(s) on which Tilt Steering items are also listed.

(Mechanical Steering: Outboards, Stern Drives & Inboards)

Complete Tilt System:

NFB 4.2 Tilt Steering Kit
(Single Cable)..................... SS157XX

Dash Tilt Modules:

For Non-Power Steered Applications:
NFB Safe-T II Tilt Dash Module....... SH1535150
NFB 4.2 Single Tilt Dash Module.....SH1534910
NFB Rack Tilt Dash Module............SH1535230

For Power Steered Applications:
Safe-T QC Sgl. Tilt Dash Module....SH1535094
BM Rack Tilt Dash Module..............SH1535210
Dash modules include helm, tilt mechanism, mounting hardware for helm/mechanism/steering wheel and instructions.


If entire system is needed, order helm,
mechanism and cable.

NFB Safe-T II Tilt Helm........ SH91190P*

NFB 4.2 Single Tilt Helm........ SH91526P*

NFB 4.2 Dual Tilt Helm.......... SH91527P*

NFB Rack Tilt Helm (single/dual)... SH91630P*

Safe-T QC Single Tilt Helm....... SH91523P*

Safe-T QC Dual Tilt Helm...... SH91524P*+

BM Rack Tilt Helm (single/dual)... SH91610P*

HPS Tilt Helm........... SH91650P*

Big-T Tilt Helm.......... SH91525P*

JBS Tilt Helm/Mech. (135° arc)...SH91678P**

JBS Tilt Helm/Mech. (270° arc)...SH91679P**

* Requires SH91500 tilt mechanism to complete Tilt Steering system installation.
** Includes SH91500 tilt mechanism for complete Tilt Steering system installation.
+ For power-assisted dual cable steered stern drives.

Performance Tilt Mechanism......SH91500P

QC Cable (Safe-T QC/Rotary NFB)...SSC62XX

QC II Cable (Teleflex Rotary)........SSC61XX

Rack Single Cable.......SSC134XX

Rack Dual Cable......SSC135XX

HPS Rotary Cable (QC interface)....SSC63XX

Big-T Cable (single station push-pull)....SSC72XX

Big-T Cable (dual station).......SSC81AxxBxx

JBS Steering Cable..............SSC219XX

(XX = cable length in feet. A 14' SSC134 would be SSC13414. For how to measure, see page 25. For measurement of cables for Big-T dual station systems, see Big-T Dual Station pages.)

Service Items:

Steering Wheel Hardware Kit.............2745417P

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