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Teleflex NFB 4.2 Dual Outboard Mechanical Steering

Technical Reference Manual


(4.2 turns lock-to-lock)

NOTE: When properly installed, this steering system will connect to engines
with ABYC standard tilt tubes, using engine manufacturer's link arm.
For other engines, see Steering Connection Kits section for options. NFB
is not for use with power assisted steering or autopilots.

Patented No FeedBack Steering Control for about the cost of an old-fashioned
steering replacement.
With the advantage of 4.2 turns lock-to-lock and our
patented No FeedBack steering to lock out steering loads, Teleflex's 4.2
Rotary NFB Steering is the ideal system for most non-power steered boats.
This rugged dual cable system is made for applications with engine flutter or
steering instability. The helm is a drop-in replacement for current generation
Safe-T with no dash modifications required.


NFB 4.2 dual-cable systems are suitable for most single-station boats with a single nonpow er-as sist ed outboard engine up to V-6 in which en gine flutter or steering instability is present. 4.2 accepts wheels up to 16" diameter.

Replaces nearly all Teleflex Safe-T steering systems (including twin cable) without dash modification.


  • Patented No FeedBack Steering mechanism. Twin cable system for maximum control.

  • Comfortable 4.2 turns from lock-to-lock.

  • Minimal clutch free play.

  • Standard 3/4" round tapered steering shaft. Stainless steel cable output ends.

  • Fast, easy installation: uses Teleflex Quick Connect (QC) steering cable and industry standard Safe-T mounting hardware.

  • Kits include: 2 cables, helm, 90° bezel and hardware.

  • Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.

  • Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.
  • Complete Systems:

  • NFB 4.2 Dual Steering Kit
    (Dual Cable)............. SS148XX
  • (Kits available with steering cable lengths from 12-16 feet. If either a longer or shorter cable is required, please order your system by components, which are listed below.)


  • NFB 4.2 Dual Helm........SH4920P

  • QC Cable..........SSC62XX

  • (XX = cable length in feet. A 14' SSC62 would be SSC6214. NOTE: 2 cables are required with the NFB 4.2 dual helm.)
  • Rotary NFB Bezel (90°).........SB27150P

  • Options:

  • NFB 4.2 Dual Tilt Helm....... SH91527P*

  • * Requires SH91500 tilt mechanism to complete Tilt Steering system installation.
  • Performance Tilt Mechanism.......SH91500P

  • Bezel (20°).........SB27483P
  • Cable Gard (fits most tilt tubes)......SA39329P

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