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Teleflex BayStar Outboard Hydraulic Steering

Technical Reference Manual


NOTE: When properly installed, this steering system will connect to outboard engines with ABYC standard tilt tubes, using the engine's tiller arm. Use only BayStar outboard steering tubing (HT44 type) with BayStar outboard steering systems. All warranties will be void if any or all of these components are misapplied. BayStar hydraulic steering is rated for 150 HP (total).

With mechanical steering you sacrifice a degree of comfort, and traditional hydraulic systems may be more than is needed on lower horsepower outboard engines.

Built in the tradition of SeaStar, BayStar brings the same efficiency and durability you would expect from Teleflex Hydraulic steering to smaller outboards up to 150 HP. Compact form and affordable price make it an ideal upgrade for mechanically steered boats up to 150 total HP.


BayStar is for single-outboard powered boats rated up to 150 HP, including runabouts and inflatables and outboard engines with ABYC standard engine tilt tubes up to 150 HP (total). For single station, single engine use only.

BayStar is not intended for high speed, high performance type boats, such as Bass Boats.


  • Designed just for smaller outboards.
  • Low friction hydraulic steering system.
  • 4.5 turns from lock-to-lock.
  • Balanced cylinder, featuring a compact design that fits most splashwells and provides full engine movement.
  • Optional five position tilt helm available.
  • Compact helm has only a 5" footprint; needs only 3" dash hole (standard or Tilt).
  • Packaged complete with helm, cylinder, fittings, tubing, oil, fill kit and detailed instructions.
  • Optional BayStar PLUS helm available for quicker steering response.
  • Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.
  • Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.

Complete Systems:

BayStar kits come complete with everything needed for an install: helm, cylinder, tubing, fittings and fluid. For your convenience, enough cut-to-fi t tubing for either a 20' or 30' run is supplied with the kit.

These kits include Compact Cylinder P/N HC4645H. If a Cylinder other than HC4645H or HC4658H is required, purchase of a field replaceable pivot plates will be necessary. See following pages.

BayStar Steering Kit (20' tubing run)...HK4200A

BayStar Steering Kit (30' tubing run)...HK4230A

20' run = 40' tubing; 30' run = 60'tubing (two pieces of tubing must reach from helm to engine without kinks or areas of strain)


NOTE: Please view the application guide on the next page to determine which of the BayStar Steering Cylinders (HC4645H, HC4647H, HC4658H and HC4648H) is to be used for your engine. ONLY HC4645H is included in the BayStar Steering kit. If your engine requires the use of a cylinder other than the HC4645H and/ or the HC4658H you will need to purchase the field replaceable pivot plate (shown below the Application Guide on next page) separately. HC4645H can be converted into HC4658H by using the detailed instructions that come with the steering cylinder.

NOTE: BayStar tubing previously marked "140 HP" is acceptable for use with BayStar Hydraulic systems on boats rated to 150 HP (Total).

  • BayStar Front Mount Helm....................HH4016
  • BayStar Compact Cylinder....................HC4645H
  • BayStar Compact Cylinder...................HC4647H
  • BayStar Compact Cylinder...................HC4648H
  • BayStar Compact Cylinder...................HC4658H
(See Application Guide on following page to select correct cylinder for your application)

HC4600 and HC4600H are no longer being made by Teleflex Canada. All seal kits and spare parts will be made available. If purchase of a new HC4600 or HC4600H is required, please purchase Baystar Compact Cylinder Part No. HC4645H/47H/48H/ 58H. If the cylinder you are purchasing does not include the letter H after the part number you will need to purchase fitting kit no. HF4201 (includes 2 old-style bleed fittings).

Cylinders with H suffix must use tubing part number with H suffix.

Use only genuine BayStar tubing kits and oil.


Service Items:


1. Requires Spacer Kit Part No. HO5090.

2. Engine clamp brackets must be cut or ground, and the engine through bolted onto the transom, or interference will occur, restricting engine trim and tilt.

3. Steering hook Yamaha Part No. 63D-48511-00-4D must be installed.

4. Cylinder HC4645H may be used in these applications. The pivot plate will need to be flipped before installation. Instructions provided with Owner's Manual.

BayStar Cylinder Pivot Plates:

HC4645H compact cylinder is included in the BayStar steering kits. This cylinder can be converted to HC4658H by following instructions included with the product. If your engine requires use of a cylinder other than HC4645H or HC4658H, please refer to the figure below for the appropriate replacement pivot plate, which must be purchased separately. NOTE: read and understand all related product instructions before performing any work on a hydraulic steering system.

Splashwell Size Requirements:

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