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Teleflex SeaStar Pro Outboard

Technical Reference Manual

NOTE: When properly installed, this steering system will connect to outboard engines with ABYC standard tilt tubes, using the engine's tiller arm (and possibly an adapter). Use only SeaStar PRO steering hoses (HO57 type, in 14, 16 & 18'). Do not use nylon tubing with SeaStar PRO. SeaStar PRO requires a balanced cylinder; do not use SeaStar PRO helms with unbalanced cylinders (side mount, splashwell mount, etc.) or steering will be very stiff in one direction. Always check clearances to ensure full engine articulation!

The ultimate steering for high speed single outboards, SeaStar PRO, is designed for the high speed and performance of today's top-end bass boats. Recommended for single outboards up to 300 HP (even with jackplates and performance props), SeaStar PRO has steered the BASS Masters Classic since 1994 and it's the choice of high performance outboard boatbuilders.


Seastar Pro is for high-performance boats with single non-power-assisted out boards up to 300 HP, especially those capable of speeds over 60 MPH, which demand maximum steering control and comfort. It is suitable for use with high- performance propellers and jack plates.


  • Patented steering lock valves.
  • Low friction hydraulic steering system.
  • 4.25 turns from lock-to-lock.
  • Compact helm has only a 4-7/16" footprint - needs only 3" dash hole (Tilt requires larger hole).
  • Optional PRO Cylinders with longer shaft bushings and larger pivot bushings for an even more solid feel!
  • Optional hoses with through-bulkhead fittings; multiple helm mounting options
  • Factory swaged hoses are Kevlar reinforced.
  • Packaged complete with helm, cylinder, fittings, oil, bleeder kit and detailed instructions.
  • Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.
  • Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.

Complete Systems:

  • SeaStar PRO Steering Kit (with Hoses)..HK73XX (XX = length of included hose kit in feet.)
  • SeaStar PRO Steering Kit (no Hoses)....HK7400

PLEASE NOTE WHEN ORDERING: SeaStar PRO steering kits come with cylinder # HC5345. If your application requires the use of a cylinder other than HC5345, you will need to purchase all components separately (helm, hoses, cylinder, etc.)


  • SeaStar PRO Helm...............................HH5770
  • Pivot Mount Outboard Cylinder (Black).HC5345*
  • (See application guide for some engines which may require HC5347, HC5348 or HC5358.)
  • SeaStar PRO Hose Kit (2 hoses)..........HO57__
  • SeaStar Oil (1 Quart)......................HA5430 (x2)


  • SeaStar PRO Sport Tilt Helm/Mech......HH5290
  • SeaStar PRO Traditional Tilt Helm/Mech..HH5774
  • Pivot Mount Cylinder (Silver)............HC53__SIL
  • (Same part number as black cylinders except for "SIL" suffix. For cylinder applications, see those for HC53__ series in Application Guide on next page.)
  • Pivot Mount Cylinder - PRO (Black)....HC63__
  • (Second two digits are the same as standard black pivot mount cylinders; for example, PRO equivalent of HC5345 is HC6345. For PRO cylinder applications, see those for HC53__ series in Application Guide on next page.)
  • Pivot Mt. Cylinder - PRO (Red)...HC63__RED
  • Pivot Mt. Cylinder - PRO (Silver)....HC63__SIL
  • (Same P/N as black PRO cylinders except for "RED" or "SIL" suffix. For red or silver PRO cylinder applications, see those for HC53__ series in Application Guide on next page.)
  • SeaStar Round Bezel Kit ......................HA5417
  • (Reduces helm protrusion by 3.75")
  • SeaStar Backplate Kit............................HA5418
  • (Reduces helm protrusion by thickness of dash and allows clean retrofit of SeaStar helm where following helms were previously installed: pre-1991 SeaStar, SyTen, and mechanical rotary steering.)
  • SeaStar 20 Dash Wedge Kit................HA5419
  • PRO Bulkhead Hose Kit (2 hoses)........HO82__
  • (Allows through-bulkhead installation without additional fittings.)HH5290

Service Items:

  • SeaStar Oil (1 Gallon)...........................HA5440
  • Steering Wheel Locknut.........................747521747521

seastar pro outboard ordering guide

NOTES: SeaStar PRO is for single engine applications only. The recommendations shown above apply to factory stock outboards only. Modified installations may require a higher capacity steering system. (Cylinder volume / helm displacement = number of turns.) If in doubt, contact Teleflex Canada technical service for assistance. Some applications vary from what is depicted in this catalog. Always consult SeaStar manual for diagrams specific to your application. Interference between the cylinder and boat can occur under certain conditions. Check installation thoroughly throughout the full range of movement for engine tilt and trim (and jack plate, if present). For all Seastar PRO outboard systems: use only SeaStar PRO Hose Kit Part No. HO57__ or HO82__, where last two digits equal length in feet.


High speed generates high torque loads.

High torque loads greatly increase your steering effort.

Hydraulic steering systems weren't generally used on high speed boats until the advent of SeaStar PRO.

In a traditional hydraulic system, the propeller feedback load will try to turn the steering wheel. Since hydraulic helms have lock valves, the wheel doesn't turn but pressure in that hydraulic line will increase as the pressure in the other line drops. When the wheel is turned with the load, there is a dead spot, which makes handling difficult in high speed boats.

SeaStar PRO changed all that and made this version of hydraulic steering the standard for high speed single outboard powered boats.

SeaStar PRO's unique valve system keeps pressures in the two hydraulic lines about equal, so the wheel feels solid and sure at all times.

SeaStar PRO is the only hydraulic steering system uniquely designed to give you maximum steering comfort and control of your high-performance bass boat.

SeaStar PRO has been installed on premium bass boats as original equipment for many years. It's the ideal upgrade for twin-cable mechanical steering.

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