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Teleflex KE-4a Electronic Controls

Technical Reference Manual

*(accepts these cables:)
Universal 3300/33C Types*

Use KE-4a if . . .

  • There are more than 2 stations.
  • Throttle and Shift are actuated mechanically (KE-4a has no electronic throttle interface).
  • Trolling valve control required.
  • Throttle Sync only is needed.
  • Electrical system is 12 or 24 volt.
  • Hand-held remote desired.
  • CANBus interface is not needed. (If needed, see i6000.)

NOTE: When properly installed, these engine controls will connect
to outboard, stern drive and inboard engines, utilizing an electronic
interface, universal 3300/33C type cables and appropriate engine
connection kits.

The boat's original mechanical control and 3300/33C cables (if so equipped)
can be reused for the "get home" (emergency back-up) feature. The back-
up control does not have to be mounted, but be certain that the cables
used with this control are long enough so that the control can be
operated from the steering station.

(electronic control- each lever controls throttle AND shift)

The KE-4 set the standard for reliability in marine electronic
Its simplicity and proven design make it the choice for
most multi-station/multi-engine control pleasure and work boats. KE-4a
controls are available in either single or twin lever binnacle mount
versions for single or multiple stations and up to two engines.


Electronic stand-alone controls are ideal for larger, multi-station boats,
especially those applications in which a mechanical control cannot
deliver the desired feel and performance. For nearly all engine types.


  • Works with most engines: outboard, stern drive or inboard.
  • Single or twin engine control; dual function for each lever.
  • Up to 4 control heads.
  • Optional hand-held remote control: great for docking and fishing!
  • Built-in Station Select switch.
  • Engine Sync option available.
  • Gear shift delay available.
  • Neutral engine warm-up provision.
  • Mechanical backup (easy to use "get home" system).
  • Built-in overload protection & diagnostics.
  • Visual failure alarm standard (audio alarm optional).
  • Uses standard 3300/33C type control cables on throttle/shift actuator.
  • Easy to install. Plug-in connectors.
  • 12 and 24 volt capability.
  • Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards.
  • KE-4a Engine Controls Basic Ordering Guide:

    Hand Held Remote Control Overview:

    Basic KE-4a System Overview:

    The following schematic shows elements of the KE-4a control system in a typical twin engine/twin station application.
    For part numbers associated with the items depicted below, please see the table below.

    KE-4a System Components:

    The following chart lists components of the KE-4a control system for each application. For an illustration of each component, please see the page at left.

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