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Teleflex KE-6a Electronic Controls

Technical Reference Manual

A descendent of the popular and proven KE-4, this control has the superior performance you would expect - plus control for engines with electronic throttle and mechanical shift.

Use KE-6 if . . .

  • There are more than 2 stations.
  • Throttle is actuated electronically and Shift is
    actuated mechanically (KE-6 has no mechanical throttle interface)
  • Trolling valve control is not required.
  • Engine Sync is needed.
  • Electrical system is 12 or 24 volt.
  • Hand-held remote desired.
  • CANBus interface is not needed.
    (If needed, see i6000.)
NOTE: When properly installed, these engine controls will connect to
inboard engines, utilizing an electronic throttle interface and
mechanical shift interface.

(electronic control -each lever controls throttle AND shift)

Built to the High Standards of KE-4 .. .
With fully Electronic Throttle and Mechanical Shift Control for Today's
Inboard Engines!
Rugged, reliable and as boater-friendly as the KE-
4, KE-6 adds electronic throttle for one or two engines from up to 4
stations and optional full engine synchronization.


These electronic stand-alone controls are ideal for larger boats with
up to two electronically throttled/ mechanically-shifted inboard
engines and up to four stations.


  • Works with most inboard engines with electronic throttle and mechanical shift.
  • Single or twin engine control; dual function for each lever.
  • Up to 4 control heads.
  • Optional hand-held remote control: great for docking!
  • Built-in Station Select switch.
  • Engine Sync option available.
  • Gear shift delay available.
  • Neutral engine warm-up provision.
  • Built-in overload protection & diagnostics.
  • Visual failure alarm standard (audio alarmoptional).
  • Uses standard 3300/33C type control cables on throttle/shift actuator.
  • Easy to install. Plug-in connectors.
  • 12 and 24 volt capability.
  • Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards.
  • KE-6 Engine Controls Basic Ordering Guide:

    Basic KE-6 System Overview:

    The following schematic shows elements of the KE-6 control system in a typical twin engine/twin station application.
    For part numbers associated with the items depicted below, please see the page at right.

    KE-6 System Components:

    The following chart lists components of the KE-6 control system for each
    application. For an illustration of each component, please see the page at left.

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