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Teleflex CH2200/2300 Mechanical Controls

Technical Reference Manual


(accepts these cables:)

OEM/Univ. 3300/33C Types

Universal 3300/33C Types

Any Jet Throttle or Gate Cable
with 10-32 threaded connection at control

NOTE: When properly installed, these engine controls will connect to outboard, stern drive and inboard engines, utilizing universal 3300/33C type cables and engine connection kits. (These controls are not designed to use Mercury/Mariner and OMC OEM type control cables that have "eye" terminals at the control end of the cable.) Not for Berkeley, Sport Jet 175 or other applications using 4300/43 type cables. For those applications, see the MV-3 control pages, after these.

(May require purchase of cable connection kit(s) to complete control system installation.)

(dual-function control- each lever controls
throttle AND shift)

Considered the best by boat builders, these controls feature superior styling,
a compact de sign, positive lockout and smooth est feel available - and they're standard
equipment on ski and jet boats. The ski boat unit includes superior neutral warm-up action,
while the jet boat version features a waterproof start-in-gear switch.


  • Ski version: inboard ski boats and other single
    station craft requiring super-smooth, precise
    throttle control.

  • Jet version: jet boats powered by Mercury
    Sport Jet 90 & early 120, OMC Turbo Jet, or
    similar propulsion systems.

  • Single lever, dual action design controls both
    throttle and shift with one lever using 3300/33C
    type cables.

  • Features:

  • Single lever, dual action for throttle & shift.
  • Superior neutral engine warm-up control(ski version).
  • Flush mount design for quick, tidy installation.
  • Includes hardware for two 3300/33C type cables.
  • Crisp shifting ball grip for a solid, sure feel.
  • Neutral safety switches:
      –Optional for ski version;
      –Waterproof type included with jet version.
  • Weatherproof exterior, rugged diecast frame.
  • Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards.
  • Engine Control:

    Side Mount Ski Boat Control.............. CH2200P

    Side Mount Jet Boat Control............... CH2300P

    Options/Service Items:

    CH2200 SKI
    Optional Neutral Safety Switch (Ski).......CA27090P

    CH2300 JET
    Neutral Safety Switch (Jet) ................CA27100P

    CH2200 OR CH2300:
    Stainless Steel Knob (red-grooved)......CA69052P

    Stainless Steel Knob (smooth) ..........CA69051P

    Cable Connection Kits..........(See Connection Kits
    and Jet Boat Steering sections.)

    Please note that while the CH2200 and CH2300 are similar in appearance, they have different neutral safety switches and internal mechanisms.

    They are NOT interchangeable. Do not substitute CH2200 for CH2300 or vice-versa.

    If you need assistance with these products, please contact Teleflex Marine Technical Service at 610-495-7011 or on-line at www.teleflexmarine.com

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