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Teleflex ST/STB Mechanical Controls

Technical Reference Manual

NOTE: When properly installed, these engine controls will connect to inboard engines, utilizing universal 3300/33C and 4300/43 type cables and engine connection kits. (These controls are not designed to use Mercury/Mariner® and OMC® OEM type control cables that have "eye" terminals at the control end of the cable.)

(May require purchase of cable connection kit(s) to complete control system installation.)

(single-function single-lever control)

The ST & STB controls are economical, and durable, with a simple, classic design. Single-function lever moves one cable only. Versions are available for 3300/33C and 4300/43 type cables, with or without external, adjustable throttle brake.


The STB control includes a throttle brake and can shift Berkeley® or similar type jets when a foot throttle is used.

ST/STB units can utilize 3300/33C type universal control cables.

ST-HD and STB-HD controls use 4300/43 type control cables.

ST/STB controls are for single-station use only and are not suitable for use with Mercury® and OMC® OEM type control cables.


  1. Compact, rugged design and classic traditional styling.
  2. Durable heavy chrome finish.
  3. Models for 3300/33C and 4300/43 type cables.
  4. Available with or without adjustable external throttle brake.
  5. Mechanical advantage - 3.20:1.

Engine Controls:

ST Control (3300/33C type cables) ........ 031791
ST-HD Control (4300/43 type cables)..... 039115
STB w/external brake
(3300/33C type cables) .......................... 044777
STB-HD w/external brake
(4300/43 type Cables) ............................ 045978

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