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Enduratex Brand Image

Enduratex is ranked as one of the largest plastic and petrochemical enterprises in the world, they produce a comprehensive range of vinyl films and fabrics for major markets, including the marine and automotive markets. The company also manufactures a line of PVC films for various industries and uses.

Enduratex Marine Project

Lighthouse Marine Vinyl

The Lighthouse line by Enduratex is soft, supple, and easy to work with. This marine vinyl is 100% polyester backed and both mildew and antimicrobial treated. Enduratex Lighthouse Marine Vinyl is an ideal material to be used for your boats interior and at .97 mm thick is is very durable. Capable of withstanding the sun's color damaging UV rays for up to 500 hours, this material can also survive and stay crack-free in freezing temperatures as low as -10° F.

Enduratex vinyl should be cleaned with mild soap and water, not with any alcohol based cleaners.

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