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Spradling Vinyl

Since 1964 Spradling International, Inc. has been a supplier of vinyl coated fabrics. Today they are recognized as the leader in selection, design and quality, and offer premium vinyl products for nearly every application, from standard upholstery vinyl to high-end leather alternatives and their products cater to both the automotive and marine industries.

Spradling Marine

Spradling Marine Vinyl Spradling offers an extensive line of marine quality coated fabrics, using the finest raw materials to meet mother nature head-on, these fabrics are suited to protect pleasure craft, commercial vessels, and outdoor furniture for years. Their brand of marine vinyl, Softside, is the leading vinyl in both the marine and automotive industries. The unique backing on Softside vinyl makes it easier to maneuver around difficult contours, ensuring a beautiful finish on every job.

Softside Marine Collection

  • Navigator - This acrylic topcoat features a 100% polyester backing, which offers superior abrasion resistance and UV stabilized pigments. The soft texture of this marine vinyl resembles the look and feel of traditional leather

    Spradling Softside Marine Vinyl
  • Heidi - Both practical and durable, Heidi marine vinyl provides superior strength durability, even in the harshest marine environments. Offers many features including, UV stabilized pigments, abrasion resistance, mildew and crack resistant.

  • Orion - This marine grade upholstery fabric is the softest and easiest vinyl to use, it has a mildew resistant backing and face, and the pigments used are UV stabilized.

  • Pegasus - This soft and easy to use vinyl upholstery fabric is a leader in the automotive and marine industries due to its mildew resistant backing and face, as well as the UV stabilized pigments used in their colorings.

  • Aries - This Aries marine vinyl is available in a variety of UV stabilized colors, and its strength and soft touch make it the ideal choice form many automotive and marine restorations. Most often used on:
    • Dashboards
    • Helm stations
    • Cargo areas
    • Galleys, etc

    Cleaning Instructions

    General and Light Cleaning

    Use a solution of 10% household liquid dish detergent in warm water, applied with a soft damp cloth. Rinse with clean water and dry.

    Heavy Cleaning

    Dampen a soft white cloth with one-to-one (1:1) solution of your favorite all-purpose vinyl cleaner and water. Test a small insignificant area first for colorfastness. Rub gently and rinse with a water dampened cloth.

    Marine Vinyl FAQ's

    What are the differences between marine vinyl and standard vinyl products?
    There are just 2 primary differences between marine and standard vinyl:

  • Ultraviolet inhibitors as part of the pigment system
  • Mildew or anti-fungal additives

    What can cause yellowing on white vinyl?
    1. Incomplete curing of the polyurethane cushioning foam.
    2. Release of amine compounds found within the foam formulation.
    3. Contact with wood surfaces.
    4. High sulfide content in the atmosphere.

    What is the normal service life for a properly formulated marine upholstery vinyl?
    Generally, the normal service life is about 3-5 years, depending on climate and routine cleaning maintenance.

    Why do some vinyls turn pink in a marine environment?
    When vinyls turn pink in the marine environment it means that mildew has formed, the organisms have grown, producing colored by-products as part of the digestive process. This situation can occur as long as 4 elements are present: spores, water, warmth, and food.

    Will Spradling vinyls turn pink when used outdoors?
    All Spradling marine-quality vinyls include mildew retardant additives, which dramatically reduce, and in most cases eliminate, the potential for pink staining situations in almost all conditions.

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