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Plexus Adhesives

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Plexus Adhesives

Plexus is world renowned for manufacturing and distributing highly engineered fastening, joining and sealing technologies products and systems. They developed a patented structural adhesive which bonds nearly all thermoplastics, metals and composite materials providing extremely durable bonds with little or no surface preparation. These adhesives have a proven track record of outstanding performance in the most demanding applications, and they are a competitive and viable alternative to both polyurethanes and epoxies.

The structural adhesive systems by Plexus are perfect for the marine industry because they need little to no surface preparation, therefore reducing dust emissions and increasing production speed. They can be used for a variety of applications including composite stringers, liners and deck to hull bonding. Plexus Adhesives Speedboat

  • Outperforms laminated joints
  • Reduces cracking and crazing of gel-coats
  • Faster and easier assembly
  • Variety of open and working times to suit all your applications
  • Gap filling up to 37mm

Many boat builders are now turning to composite materials for strength and reliability. Composite stringer, liner and hull assemblies bonded with Plexus Structural Adhesives offer exceptional flexibility, durability and impact strength, plus resistance to fuel and chemicals. Plexus adhesives chemically "fuse" fiberglass and composite so strongly, the will delaminate before the Plexus bond fails. These structural adhesives are easy to use, no need for primers, sanding or grinding. By virtually eliminating surface preparation, your assembly times can be dramatically simplified and shortened, as well reducing production costs.

Marine Products

Plexus offers a wide range of products and adhesives suited to the marine industry including high strength adhesives, all purpose, quick cure formulations, long open time adhesives, primers, conditioners, UV stable formulas, as well as those suited to specific materials, plastics, metals, and all purpose.

  • MA300 - An all purpose adhesive for high strength, load bearing bonds to thermoplastics, metal and composite materials. Has excellent temperature resistance.

  • MA310 - This adhesive is perfect for 'difficult to bond' engineered plastics like nylon, nylon alloys, modified polyesters and rubber.

  • MA320 - A high performance, flexible plastic adhesive, works well at low temperatures and on painted metal substances.

  • MA425 - Especially suited for gelcoats, GRP and plastics, due to its high strength and long open time.

    Plexus Adhesives MA530

  • MA530 - This is a long open time product for high gap fill applications and suitable for composites, metals and thermoplastics.

  • MA550 - This UV stable product is widely used in the marine industry, this bright white adhesive will not discolor and offers excellent adhesion to unprepared marine gelcoats, FRP and plastics.

  • MA832 - Offering a medium open time and salt spray durability this high performance adhesive is formulated to bond a range of metals without priming.

  • PC120 - Use this primer/ conditioner formula to enhance and increase the long term durability of Plexus structural adhesives when bonding to aluminum and stainless steel.

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