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Troubleshooting Teleflex Ammeter Gauges

Technical Reference Manual

Does The Gauge Work?

To see if the gauge is operating correctly:

  1. Remove the gauge's sender wire. Turn on the power. The pointer of whatever gauge you are checking should be at the position shown in the upper portion of the diagram below.
  2. Next, take a short wire and connect to sender terminal and ground terminal (shorting sender terminal to ground). Gauge pointer should be at the position shown in the lower portion of the diagram.
  3. To test senders, the resistance values are shown at minimum and full gauge scales.

Ammeter- Direct Reading

  1. Be certain all connections are clean and tight. If possible, solder heavy gauge wires to terminal lugs before attaching to the ammeter.
  2. If replacing an ammeter, wire to existing connections. If installing an ammeter for the first time, refer to instructions or the diagram below. The wire connection from the alternator to the starter solenoid must be broken or no current will flow through the ammeter.
  3. If the ammeter reads a discharge when it is charging, reverse the heavy gauge wires at the "S" and "I" terminals.
  4. Max. current to any Teleflex direct reading ammeter is 60 amperes.
  5. Wires must be 10 gauge minimum to ammeter "S" and "I" terminals.
  6. Wires for lighting can be 14-18 gauge. A ground for the ammeter is needed only if lighting is used.
  7. The red #10 AWG wire from the "S" terminal to the "ACC" post on the ignition switch may be eliminated if a discharge reading is not desired when the ignition accessory is turned on but the engine is not running (i.e. the radio playing).
  8. The ammeter can be tested with a multimeter (test meter) connected as shown. Remove all connections to the "S" and "I" terminals, taking care not to touch those connections to any thing. If the test meter on the ohms scale shows no resistance the ammeter is probably OK. If it shows infinite resistance, the gauge has failed.
  9. The part number of the ammeter is stamped on the housing.

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