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The Barigo brand is a leading manufacturer around the world for their high quality precision instruments. Barigo's Barigo Weather Stationsproducts are made in Germany and constructed from the highest-quality solid materials, ranging from long-life and resistant plastics for the modern outdoor products, to chrome and stainless steel, through to dignified materials that have been used for centuries in the construction of maritime instruments. Many of the classic maritime instruments are still made from high-grade brass and mahogany, as materials that have "proven resilience on all of the world's oceans."

Barigo offers a full line of marine and weather instruments, including weather stations, barometers, thermometers, hygrometers, altimeters and compasses. All Barigo instruments feature reliable function, clever design, sturdy construction and precise workmanship giving the product superior quality and longevity.

Barigo Complete Weather Station


How do I best take care of my brass ship's barometer or clock?
For these instruments, which are constructed of solid brass, polished and lacquered, treatment is sufficient for normal use onboard a ship within the cabin or at home. Once these instruments come into contact with salt water, or with air containing salt, it is recommended that you immediately clean the instrument with a damp cloth to remove the salt.

What does a hygrometer do?
Barigo Hygrometer A hygrometer measures and indicates the change of the length of a measuring element which expands with increasing humidity and which contracts with decreasing humidity. This change in the length is transmitted into a rotation of a spindle with the help of levers and axles. The rotation of the spindle is shown by an indicating hand.

How do I re-adjust my hygrometer?
If a hygrometer is exposed to very dry air over a longer period of time and if you would like to maintain a correct reading, we recommend to readjust the instrument every 3-4 months. Put a damp cloth on the back of the instrument for about an hour to allow humidity to get into the instrument and circulate within the case of the hygrometer. After that the scale should read approx. 95%, if it reads a lower number or is off scale completely, turn the screw on back until the pointer is on 95. The humidity indicator will then start to operate again. To maintain accuracy of the instrument, it is advisable to repeat this procedure every 3-4 months.

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