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Blocksurf Racks

Blocksurf Brand Image


Blocksurf manufactures a variety of surf rack styles, from hard and soft racks for your vehicle, to side-racks to transport your surfboard on your bike. With Blocksurf you will definitely be able to find a reliable rack to suit your application, Blocksurf makes transporting your surfboard and easy task.

Blocksurf Racks

Blocksurf Huntington Rack

Surf Bike Racks

  • Side Ride Rack - These racks are designed to fit most standard bikes and carry longboards or shortboards.
  • Huntington Rack - The Huntington rack is designed to carry a bodyboard or surfboard (no longer than 7 ft). This surf rack carries the board in an upright position, so it is not recommended for longboards that may drag or suffer from significant wind resistance, however it is ideal for shortboards and boogie boards.

    Hard Racks

  • Snubber Hard Rack - The Snubber rack is suited to clamp onto vehicle rain gutters and/or roof rack railings. Designed for most small and mid-sized, mini vans and small pick-ups. The adjustable rubber straps feature soft, protective foam pads to prevent damage and safely hold up to 4 surfboards. Blocksurf Hard Surf Rack
  • Surfer Hard Rack - Designed to be mounted onto modern car doors and doors with gutters, the durable EPDM rubber straps on these racks will safely hold up to 4 shortboards (or 2 longboards).

    Other Racks

  • SUV Surfboard Rack - These soft racks are constructed from soft foam pads and tough nylon straps, and designed for cars, trucks, and SUVs with pre-existing or factory installed roof rack bars. Suited to hold 1 to 3 shortboards or 2 longboards. Blocksurf Tailgate Rack
  • Tailgate Rack - Designed to prevent longboards from sliding around and getting damaged while in the bed of pick-up trucks. Extra thick foam provides protection for board decks and straps use a quick rack system to hold boards in place while also allowing for fast and easy removal.
  • Wrap-Rax - The soft racks are perfect virtually any automobile make and model, they are the only racks to use when pre-existing luggage carriers or rain gutters are not available. Versatility, lightweight, ease of use and affordability make these a "must-have" for anyone who frequently transports surfboards. Available in 2 sizes, the single carries 1-3 boards, and the double carries 1-4 boards.

    Different Types of Surf Racks

    While there are many different styles of racks, there are two main types, hard and soft racks. Hard racks have more sturdy construction than the soft style racks, however they also tend to be more expensive as well. Some styles of hard racks require that your car already have pre-installed luggage racks. However, once installed hard racks can be easy to use and beneficial to those who use them regularly.

    Soft racks offer greater versatility than the hard racks, they are easy to use and stable. These types of racks usually feature a high quality strap that runs through your vehicle and allows the board to slip into place.

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