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ArroWorthy is a manufacturer of the finest professional paint tools and accessories in the painting industry since their founding in 1962. ArroWorthy is dedicated to using the very best materials available to create a quality product that will stand the test of time. By using new equipment and special finishing techniques, ArroWorthy is able to offer superior painting tools.

The company first started out by offering the best hand made lambskin paint rollers, and have since grown and introduced a line of synthetic, spiral wound paint rollers of all types, including those with phenolic cores, plastic cores, and additional specialty items like closed core system. As well, ArroWorthy is one of the only company's today that is able to manufacture synthetic roller covers on a Polypropylene core, which are 100% solvent resistant.

ArroWorthy Brushes

ArroWorthy Paint Brush

ArroWorthy Brushes, both synthetic filament and natural Chinese bristle brushes have features that make these brushes superior to others, including:

  • Rust resistant stainless steel ferrule
  • 5/16" hang hole
  • Hard wood handle guarantees long life
  • Solvent resistant epoxy for maximum strength
  • Aluminum inserts for extra strength
  • Tapered filament for better flexibility
  • Form chisel and super fine tipping to assure better paint pick up and smooth release
  • Triple trim edge assures better trimming

    ArroWorthy Rollers

    ArroWorthy Paint Rollers

    ArroWorthy offers super strong, solvent resistant paint rollers, their rollers are feature specially treated fabric backing to bond with liquid polypropylene.

  • Bevel edge trimming to eliminate paint dumping
  • Face trimming for a better paint finish
  • 2 layers of polypropylene to create a strong, reusable core
  • Polypropylene and fabric fused as one, with liquid polypropelene between each layer

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