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System Three

System Three Brand Image

System Three

Since 1979, System Three Resins has been formulating and manufacturing epoxy, urethane adhesives, coatings, and compounds.

The first product developed by System Three was their General Purpose Epoxy. Since then, this epoxy system has become a boat building epoxy standard; by offering a choice of three hardeners, this 100% solids, medium modulus epoxy has gained the trust of both amateur and professional boat builders alike.

Today, the System Three brand name has become synonymous with easy-to-use, technologically superior products and excellent service and support. System Three manufactures and markets a wide range of resins and epoxies, including:

  • General Purpose Resins
  • Special Purpose Resins
  • Epoxy Adhesives
  • Wood Restoration Epoxies
  • Fillers
  • Additives
  • Marine Coatings

SilverTip Marine

With over 25 years of experience creating products designed specifically for wood/epoxy boat construction, System Three Resins has developed the next generation of epoxy products, using the latest composites technology. System Three's SilverTip Marine Epoxy Series has eliminated the use of a general purpose resin, and instead designed a separate resin system for each specific application found in boat building and repair. All of the fillers in this line have been properly selected and correctly combined with the resin, eliminating guesswork and trial and error mixing. In addition to wooden boat construction, the SilverTip series has also been widely used in composite boat construction.These products are consistent and easy to use, making wooden boat building quicker, easier, and more enjoyable than ever. The SilverTip line is comprised of 5 products, each optimized for its specific application:

SilverTip Laminating Resin

System Three Silver Tip Laminating Resin This optimized, non-blushing, epoxy resin system is designed for coating bare wood and saturating reinforcing fabric in wood-composite boat construction and repair. This resin is also ideal for gelcoat blister repair and general restoration of fiberglass boats.

SilverTip EZ-Fillet

System Three designed this epoxy wood flour putty to create a smooth, exceptionally strong, reinforcing and cosmetic fillets as used in stitch and glue plywood boats construction.

SilverTip GelMagic

GelMagic is a 100% waterproof epoxy adhesive that is ideal for stitch and glue, plywood, strip built and glued lap strake boat construction; this structural marine adhesive forms superior bonds to wood, composites, aluminum, mild and stainless steel, concrete and most porous material.Both the resin and hardener are in liquid states for easy measuring and mixing. After mixing the resin and hardener thoroughly, the color indicator (blue) disappears, and the adhesive forms a self-thickening, "thixotropic", easy-to-spread gel that won't run or sag on vertical or overhead surfaces.
  • Non-sagging
  • Gap-filling
  • 2:1 mixing ratio
  • Permanent, non-brittle bonds
  • Creep resistant
  • Won't shrink upon curing
  • Able to fill large gaps without loss of strength

SilverTip QuikFair

This lightweight, microballoon-filled, two-part epoxy fairing putty is fast-curing and offers excellent moisture resistance. SilverTip MetlWeld

SilverTip MetlWeld

This metal-filled structural adhesive was designed specifically to provide superior adhesion to dissimilar metals. Ideal for use in high stress applications, especially when bonding metals to materials like glass, composites, wood and concrete. This adhesive is 100% waterproof, will not shrink upon curing and fills large gaps without a loss of strength.
  • Permanent, non-brittle bond
  • Creep resistant
  • High impact
  • 1:1 mixing ratio



System Three Mirror Coat MirrorCoat is two-part epoxy resin that is specially formulated to create a clear, high-gloss decorative finish for horizontal surfaces. This coating enhances the natural beauty of most woods, and give many other surfaces a deep rich look; while also protecting the surface from marring, denting, and minor scratches. Because of this products unique formulation it will provide a harder, more heat-resistant finish that many other do-it-yourself counter coatings, and it is resistant to most household chemicals. MirrorCoat is free of any solvents, so you can use it indoors without creating a hazardous workspace. Like many epoxy resin coatings, MirrorCoat will yellow slightly and lose its gloss if it is left out over time, therefore it is recommended for interior use only.
  • Ideal for a durable bar and tabletop finish
  • Excellent heat and impact resistance
  • Pourable and self-leveling
  • High-gloss, clear decorative coating
  • Solvent-free
  • 3 fluid ounces of MirrorCoat should be used per square foot


System Three Clear Coat This low-viscosity sealer is a two-part epoxy coating and laminating resin that bonds exceptionally well to epoxy, polyester, vinylester and most sanded and clean surfaces. This unique 100% solids formula contains no solvents and cures to a crystal clear, ultra-high gloss finish, without forming an amine blush. The low-viscosity gives exceptional wet-out of reinforcing fabrics and fast penetration into wood and other porous materials. ClearCoat is a multi-purpose product, and can be used as a tie coat to permits curing and adhesion of polyester gelcoats to epoxy surfaces. Suited for use and both marine and woodworking industries ClearCoat can be used for many different applications, including:
  • Sealer
  • Topcoat
  • Saturation coat
  • Tie-coat

Wood Restoration

System Three End Rot Kit

Rotting wood is caused by a fungus, and it can spread quickly, infecting and then destroying sound wood on its way. Replacement of the rotting wood can be expensive, time consuming, and sometimes impossible; and cutting out the rotten areas also may not remove all of the "infected" wood, and will therefore continue to rot. To solve this problem System Three has developed a line of wood restoration products.


RotFix is an easy-to-use, low viscosity, epoxy-wood sealer, primer, and consolidant for the repair and restoration of rotted, deteriorated, dried out or spongy wood. This product creates a sound, waterproof base for repair and restoration filler putty. Once the RotFix application is finished, replace the missing sections with SculpWood.


Use SculpWood, a 2-component, solvent free, epoxy resin putty, to replace missing sections of windowsills, frames and furniture or for adding new sections to existing structures. SculpWood is moldable, carvable, lightweight, strong and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. This kneadable putty is easy to sand and will accept paint, screws and nails. SculpWood is also used in the EndRot System, it is used to replace missing sections of the wood following the RotFix application.

Board Defense

This EPA registered insecticide, termicide and fungicide concentrate allows for the control of wood destroying insects and rot. Board Defense comes in a white powdered form that you may use as a dust, or mix with water for better penetration. Apply directly to the wood surface, or soak into insect galleys or pre-bored holes and this product will effectively kill all existing rot and most wood-eating insects that contact it.

Impel Rods

These System Three Impel Rods are an EPA approved treatment for the protection of wood from insects and fungal decay. Molded from fused, water diffusable borates, these rods are internationally recognized as an effective wood preservative. Since these rods are fused, borates are released slowly over time and only as needed, providing you with long-term protection. In most cases, with proper maintenance, wood decay and insects can be completely eliminated and prevented from coming back.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Low cost

EndRot Kit

The EndRot Kit from System Three offers complete wood repair and restoration, it allows you to stop the progression of wood rot and decay fungi in your home, restore rot or insect damaged wood, and protect your investment for many years to come. Each kit is able to complete a typical repair to a window or door that has been severely damaged by rot, weather, and sun. The kit includes:
  • 6 Impel Rods
  • 2 oz. Board Defense
  • 2 oz. RotFix Resin
  • 1 oz. RotFix Hardener
  • 8 oz. SculpWood Resin
  • 8 oz. SculpWood Hardener
  • 2 pair Gloves
  • Literature Pack

FAQ's and Problems

The System Three Resin Part A has turned hazy and has whte material in the bottom of the jug.
The epoxy is crystallizing due to storage at temperatures 50°F and below. By immersing the closed container into hot tap water and heating it to 120°F (or above), it will bring the resin back to a clear state.

The product isn't curing.
If the product isn't curing it means that either the resin and hardener were mixed at the wrong ratio, or that resin was mixed with resin (or hardener with hardener). Remove the uncured material thoroughly by scraping and solvent washing. Mix at proper ratio and reapply.

The resin is taking to long to cure, how can I speed it up?
The only was to speed up the cure of the resin once it has been applied is to heat the room, or the area that your project is in. Every 18°F increase in temperature cuts the time it takes for the resin to cure in half.

Why does the product keep going off in the pot?
Either the batch is too big, or it was left too long in the pot. To solve this, use a smaller batch and get it out of the pot sooner. The problem could also be that the hardener is too fast for the conditions; so change to a slower hardener. Pour out mixed resin into a flat pan (like a paint tray).

Why is the product gummy?
This could happen for a few reasons:
The ratio of resin to hardener was wrong, the product was mixed inadequately, or not enough time has elapsed at the curing temperature. To solve this, first make sure that the gumminess is not just the amine blush, wait and see if the cure proceeds, or apply some heat (if possible). If it is still gummy then remove the uncured material thoroughly by scraping and solvent washing, then mix a new batch at the proper ratio and reapply.

The epoxy is hard, but it still clogs the sandpaper.
Remove the amine blush. Wait a few more hours for further curings. Use a coarser grit paper, or use wet/dry paper with water.

Can System Three epoxies be colored?
Yes, the preferred method would be with System Three paste pigments. If you can't get System Three pigments, you can use up to 2% by weight of universal paint colorants from the paint or hardware store.

Why is the top surface of the epoxy coating turned white?
It most likely got wet from dew or rain before it cured. Apply heat and the whiteness will probably disappear, if not, remove by sanding.

The glue joints came apart.
Again, this could have happened for a number of reasons:
-Too much clamping was used. Try to use less pressure.
-No filler was used in the epoxy. Use some filler.
-The joints were stressed before sufficient curing. Leave the part clamped longer, especially if it will be under stress when removed.

Why didn't the fiberglass cloth go clear?
-The type of cloth is wrong. Buy the cloth from us or use an epoxy compatible cloth with a looser weave.
-Air may have been dispersed into the epoxy by excessive squeegeeing.
-Frothy squeegeed epoxy may have been used to wet out areas.

Why won't the paint (or varnish) dry?
The wrong type of paint is probably being used. Read the section on painting in The Epoxy Book to understand and correct the problem.

Can I add more hardener to accelerate the cure time?
No, the ratios are set so that all the chemicals will react and cure. Additional hardener or resin will result in uncured resin.

How do I clean up epoxy?
Cured epoxy must be removed by heat softening, paint stripper or sanding. Uncured epoxy can be removed with lacquer thinner, alcohol, or white vinegar.

Will System Three epoxies damage polystyrene or urethane foam?
No, our coating and laminating resins are designed to go directly over solvent-sensitive substrates without fear of softening or "melting" them.

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