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Berkley Fishing

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Berkley Fishing

Berkley TEC tools are designed with precise engineering, advanced materials and technology to be strong, ergonomic, and extremely efficient.

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Hook & Wire Cutter

Berkley TEC Hook & Wire Cutters This Berkley wire cutter offers power and comfort. They are designed to slice through the thickest wire and heaviest hook with one-hand use. Constructed from TecTanium steel makes these cutters durable and capable of withstanding corrosion allows you to use them to get through heavy hooks when fishing for saltwater species, pike, or musky. The induction-hardened jaws and spring-loaded SofTorx handles deliver power and comfort while cutting through heavy-duty wire leaders or big-game hooks. Constructed from TecTanium steel.

Fish Handling

Berkley fishing manufactures a wide range of products for handling fish, including: mouth spreaders, deep reach pliers, and trigger and pistol grips.

Hook Sharpeners

TEC hook sharpeners offer a slick design in a self-contained shirt pocket clipped pen-like housing made of corrosion-proof anodized aluminum. One end features the Collect-lock vise which quickly and securely grips your hooks for precise sharpening, Berkley Hook Sharpeners while the other end is a twist-lok file collar that unscrews from the pen-like housing.

Bait Release / Fish Flipper

Quickly and safely remove wedged hooks from baitfish, sharp toothed fish species, or catfish that you don't want to handle with this bait release/ fish flipper. Constructed from low carbon 300 stainless steel to handle the harshest saltwater environments, features an exclusive handle made with TEC Softorx to enhance grip and control in all conditions.

Fillet Tools

Berkley Fillet Tools Built tough and prove that one blade can handle all fillet jobs. TEC offers several models of special purpose fillet knives for any gamefish filleting need. The 4"model is designed for filleting panfish, 6" (Standard Flex) is perfect for skinning most types of Bass, Catfish, Walleye, or smaller boned saltwater species, while the 9" is designed for larger fish. The Firm Flex knives are designed to cut through bone and rib cages during the fillet process.


Berkley TEC offers a variety of pliers to suit your need, including:
  • MultiPliers: This split-ring multi-tool allows for countless tasks.
  • Deep Reach: Used to dehook a deep hookset from a toothy fish.
  • Power Pliers

    Berkley Digital Scale Digital Scales

    TEC Berkley digital scales display the weight of the fish on both sides, so both and angler and others can see it at the same time. Accurate to within 1/10 of one percent, the scales hold fish weights in memory that keeps track of the total weight of the catch, along with the weight of each fish so anglers know which fish is next to be culled.

    Line Spooling

    Berkley Line Spooling Line spooling and strippers are designed to refresh your fishing line in a hurry. Refreshing your line can help make the difference between catching big fish and big fish "stories". The TEC line management tools are designed to keep you organized and minimize your fishing downtime when respooling from the boat becomes necessary. Easy to use, simply strip the old line off, and respool with your favorite line.

    Rod Racks

    Berkley offers three styles of reel/rod combo racks, Fastrax Adjustable, Vertical Combo and Horizontal Combo.

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