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Troubleshooting Teleflex Engine Synchronizer Instrument

Technical Reference Manual

Engine Synchronizer

  1. Recheck all wire connections to be certain they are clean and tight. Be sure the two plugs are pushed on properly.
  2. You must have 12 VDC minimum on the module "IGN" terminal and the "GND" terminal must be grounded.
  3. If the gauge on the dash is always "pegged" to port or starboard, the module is usually at fault. It probably will need replacement.
  4. The module can be checked by measuring certain voltages while the system is running. Connect a volt-ohm test meter to the dash gauge as shown to either port or starboard side. With both ignitions on (but the engine not running) the test meter should read about 5 volts either side. At 2,000 RPM on starboard engine (0 RPM on port), the meter will read 9 volts on starboard side and 2 volts on port. Repeat the test by swapping actions to the port engine. NOTE: All voltages listed are approximate.
  5. To check gauge only (Fig. 1), place a 130-ohm 1/2-watt resistor from port or starboard gauge terminal to ground. Connect the gauge ignition terminal to positive voltage source. The pointer will deflect about 45.
  6. System is energized only when ignition switch it is connected to is on.
  7. The gauge pointer will point towards the "faster" engine, if wired as shown above. Reversing the "S" and "P" connections at the module will make the synchronizer point to the "slower" engine.
  8. In some cases it may be necessary to decrease the sensitivity of the system. This means a greater difference of engine speeds will be required for an equal deflection of the gauge pointer. Loosen the jumpers, swing them out of the way, re-tighten nuts.
  9. One module can operate two gauges, if the sensitivity jumpers are left in place. Damage to the module will result if they are removed.
  10. The same gauge and harness can be used on various type engines, but the module must be changed with engine type:
    • 1508370P Gasoline stern drive & inboard
    • 1504877 Diesel Alternator
    • 1507574 Diesel Magnetic Pickup
    • 1508473 Diesel Signaflex
  11. The gauge can be zeroed by adjusting the module's null potentiometer under the red hole plug (with both ignitions on).

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