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Troubleshooting Teleflex Hourmeter Gauges

Technical Reference Manual


  1. The hourmeter operates on voltages between 12 and 32 volts DC.
  2. The hourmeter's "indicator" wheel (lone window to the right) should index every 3.6 seconds.
  3. The hourmeter is not and cannot be lighted.
  4. Time recorded cannot be erased or altered backwards.
  5. Real time can be added to the hourmeter by connecting it to a power source (12-32 volts). Time added cannot be accelerated.
  6. The hourmeter is easy to wire and can be connected to the ignition switch and ground or another gauge's "hot" terminal and ground. The hot side must be switched off when the boat engine is not in use. Be aware that this connection method allows the hourmeter to record time whenever the ignition is on, even when the engine is not running.
  7. There is an alternate wiring method. It requires a pressure switch, normally open ("NO"), 1/8-27 NPT, 6 or 10 PSI is adequate. Instead of wiring the negative side of the hourmeter to ground, wire it to the switch input. The switch must be mounted in an oil pressure port on the engine. When the engine is running the switch will close (complete contact) and allow the hourmeter to ground and operate. In this manner the hourmeter runs only when the engine is running. Not all engines have additional oil pressure ports (outboards do not) that can be used for this purpose.

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