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Troubleshooting Teleflex Voltmeter Gauges

Technical Reference Manual


  1. A voltmeter operates in nominal 12 volt systems.
  2. It is not to be connected where an ammeter was wired.
  3. A voltmeter will alert you to the operation of your electrical system.
  4. A voltmeter will not indicate battery condition.
  5. When wiring voltmeter, no connection is made to the "S" terminal.
  6. Gauge part number is stamped on the housing.
  7. Accuracy is 3 at 14 VDC (about 1/3 volt on 8-18 volt gauge or 1/4 volt on 10-16 volt gauge.
  8. To test gauges, check resistance between the "I" and "G" terminals, which should be approximately:
    • 150 ohms (18 volt gauge)
    • 130 ohms (16 volt gauge)
  9. The schematic shows connections required for dual voltmeters. If one gauge fails, it will not affect the reading of the other voltmeter.
  10. When turning the voltmeter on for the first time, note pointer movement. If pointer does not leave the pointer stop pin, the gauge is probably connected back wards. If so, reverse "I" and "G" connections.

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