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Troubleshooting Teleflex Water Pressure Gauges

Technical Reference Manual

Water Pressure System- Outboard Engines

  1. If the instructions shipped with the water pressure gauge kit do not cover your engine, consult engine manual.
  2. The light socket can be wired with 14-18 AWG gauge wire.
  3. Gauge must be filled with air (not water) to operate correctly. Engine water pressure will compress the air in the hose, allowing the gauge to function properly.
  4. When winterizing the boat, winterize the water pressure gauge also. Remove water from gauge/hose when storing boat in freezing climates. Trapped water expands when freezing and could damage the gauge.
  5. Sometimes when the gauge is idle for a long time, such as winter, the internal metal parts form a coating (verdigris). This makes it difficult for the gauge to operate. However, it should recover with repeated use.
  6. See reference guides on this page (or engine maker's information) for the approximate pressures your engine should be obtaining.

O/B Water Pressure Gauge Guide

Outboard Water Pressure Ranges

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