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Festool TS 55 EQ Features

Setting the standard for portable circular saws

The TS 55 has redefined the standards for circular saws. A host of refinements were incorporated to create a saw that is lighter, easier to handle, and more accurate than traditional saws. MMC electronics, FastFix blade changes, retractable spring-loaded riving knife, integrated dust extraction, and triple motor bearings all add up to unsurpassed quality and usability.

The 55 mm cutting depth, gives you almost 2 inches of cutting capacity when used with the guide rail. The plunge action allows you to make precision cut outs on wood surfaces and flooring. With so many great features, we challenge you to find a smoother cutting, stronger running, and more accurate option in a saw this size.

Rotating Dust Port

Direct dust away from the saw, user, and the material or connect it to a Festool CT dust extractor for tool-triggered dust capture.

FastFix Blade Changing System

Blade changes are easier and faster using the FastFix system. When engaged, the power switch and arbor are locked simultaneously. The saw is also locked into a position to facilitate easy arbor bolt removal.

Plunge Cut Action

Simple depth adjustment allows you to expose only the part of the blade necessary for the cut. The plunge action allows cut placement anywhere on the cut line for straight cuts or cut-outs into material.

MMC Electronics

Variable speed allows you to match the speed of the saw to the material. The electronics also maintain a consistent speed under load, improving cut performance and protecting the saw's motor from thermal and current overload.

Triple Motor Bearing

The triple motor bearing improves the smoothness of cutting action and extends the service life of the tool.

Riving Knife

Spring-loaded riving knife (splitter) retracts into the housing during plunge cuts. The riving knife keeps the cut kerf open so that the material does not pinch the blade. This reduces the chance of kickback, leaving you in control of the operation...

Splinter Guard

Splinter-free cutting on both sides of the cut line. Eliminate tear out on both sides of the cut line with the guide rail and replaceable splinter guard. Keeping both sides of the cut line clean means less material waste.

Scribe Line = Cut Line

The TS 55 makes the actual cut right on the edge of the scribe line, even on bevel cuts.

Guide Rail Guidance

When used with Festool guide rails, you have ultimate control over the TS saw for perfectly straight cuts. Add the replaceable splinterguard, and a splinter-free cut is achievable on both sides of the blade.

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