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Epoxy Cleanup Tip - West System

WEST SYSTEM Epoxy cleans up easiest before it has cured. The problem is, because of its clarity uncured epoxy can often be difficult to see. By the time you notice it, it's already cured and is much more difficult or impossible to remove. Cured on leather or carpet, it's permanent. Cleaning up epoxy drips before they cure is crucial.

Mixed epoxy resin and hardener fluoresces under exposure to a 'black light' the common name for a lamp that emits electromagnetic radiation in the soft, near ultraviolet range while providing very little visible light. After completing a task with epoxy, expose the area to a black light. You'll be able to see epoxy drips, runs or smudges you can easily wipe away with a little denatured alcohol and paper towel.


Epoxyworks 27 / Fall 2008

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