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Splicing Guide - Brummell (Single Braid Eye Splice)

A "Locked Brummel Splice" may be made, using only one end of the rope, in most soft Hollow Braids, or "Cover Only" constructions using the following splice procedure:

1. From end of rope measure back 1-1/4 full fid lengths (see Fid Measurement Table) and make Mark "A". Measure Eye size from A to B. Using masking tape place a wrap of tape (2") on the end of the core tail. Taper this by cutting the end at a 45 degree angle.

2. Pass end through Center of rope at Mark A.

3. Pull end up tight.

4. Pull end hard to roll "inside out" at Mark A.

5. Now pass end through center of rope at Mark B. (in same direction as before).

6. Pull A all the way thru and pull tight.

7. You now have points A & B rolled inside-out.

8. Now un-roll point A working rope up and through point A in direction shown.

9. Pull point B all the way through A.

10. Now un-roll Point B working short end up & through Point B (in direction shown).

11. Pull short end up- while pulling the standing end down as shown.

12. Continue to close-up locked Brummel Splice.

13. Finally, bury tail into standing end.











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