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Splicing Guide - 12-Strand Single Braid End for End Splice

Use with Regatta Braid

Step 1

Mark both ends as follows: 1 full fid from each bitter end to 'Mark A', 2/3 a fid length further up the standing part of the line is 'Mark B'. 'Mark C' is two full fid lengths more. (Fig 1) Use a different color tape for wrapping each bitter end.

Step 2

Taper each end by working from "A" towards the bitter end. Mark the sixth pic, and continue marking every 5 pics. Cut and remove these strands back to the bitter end. Re-tape the bitter ends. Attach the splicing tool to end #1.

Step 3

Insert end #1 into end #2 at mark "B" and come out at "C" tie a knot in the tail to prevent it form slipping back into the rope. Repeat the process with end #2, inserting it two pics up from "B" and out as mark "C". (Fig 2)

Step 4

Hold the tail ends, one in each end. Pull sharply. Untie the knot, hold the rope at the crossover point and smooth the cover first in one direction away from the crossover until the tail disappears inside the rope. Repeat in the other direction. Lock stitch rope on either side of the crossover.

end for end splice marked out

comleted end for end splice











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