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Splicing Guide - 3 Strand Short Splice

Step 1

Measure 14 crowns from the ends of both lines and tie with twine to prevent further unraveling. Unlay lines to the tie marks. Tape or heat-seal the strand ends. Bring the lines together so that the main bodies meet and the unlayed strands mesh; alternating a strand of one with a strand of the other.

unlaying bitter ends for short splice

Step 2

Temporarily tape the unlayed strands of one line to the body of the other line. Tuck one of the strands from the second line over and under a strand of the opposite line, working against the twist. Take the unlayed strand next to the strand just tucked and tuck it over and under the next line strand. Do the same with the third unlayed strand.

loose strands temporarily taped to one side while tucking the other side

Step 3

Make one more tuck with each strand then turn the splice around and remove the temporary ties. Make two tucks with each of the other three-unlayed strands. Go back an make two additional tucks with each of the six strands. If desired, taper the splice area as shown in Step 6, page 26. Cut off all remaining ties and clip off ends of protruding strands. Roll the splice to smooth out.

complete tucks on one side then repeat tucks on opposite side and trim excess

Twisted Short Splice

The short splice is used for end to end joining of two lines of the same size. It is useful for repairing cut or damaged lines or joining two short lengths.

completed short splice











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