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Splicing Guide - Double Braid Constant Diameter Splice

1. Mark Rope and Extract Core

Mark the two ends of rope as shown, tie slip knots and extract cores. after extracting cores, be sure to milk cover back to knot then smooth to extraction point. Smooth cover once more to balance core and strand. See Steps 1 and 2 for Eye splice.

2. Insert Covers and Tighten Crossover

Insert cover tail of end #1 into #2 at "C" and out at "A". Repeat for end #2. Tighten the crossover by pulling cover tails where they exit at "A". Holding crossover, smooth in both directions to "A". Then from knot, smooth toward "A" as far as you can and holding tight at this point with one hand, grasp the crossover with the other hand and "yank" sharply. Repeat once more.

3. Taper Core and Cover

Mark core tails at "A" and cover tails at "B". You can mark the inside by forcing felt pen through cover. Pull out each core and cover tail to expose the marks.

  1. Cut and remove half the cover strands at a point one rope diameter short of "B".
  2. Cut and remove half the core strands at the point one rope diameter short of

Repeat the smoothing and "yanking" as in Step 2, then cut all of the core and cover tails off flush with the surface.

4. Bury Core and Cover Tails

Now bury the core and cover tails by holding at crossover and yank sharply from knot to crossover. Finally, untie slip knots and smooth again to eliminate all cover slack. Roll "eye" section in your hands to round.

5. Seize or Stitch

Stitch or Seize crossover to prevent damage form excessive torque, and stitch at marks "A" to prevent core migration.

Note: See Tools & Fid Table requirement for 20 series splices. Constant diameter splices, which reduce the diameter of the crossover area to approximate the ropes actual diameter will significantly reduce strength performance. Please contact a qualified rigger for assistance.











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