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Splicing Guide - Reeving Eye Splice

Note: A Reeving Eye is a non-load bearing eye, which allows a halyard to be used as a messenger line for its replacement.

Step 1: Beginning the Splice

  • Tie a knot about 4ft from the bitter end of the rope.
  • Measure "one full fid length plus a half of a short fid length" from the bitter end of the rope: this is mark A.
  • Measure an additional short fid length from mark A: this is mark B.
  • Measure an additional full fid length from mark B: this is mark C
  • Note: Once you are comfortable with this splice, make only a very small mark for C as this mark will be visible when the splice is complete.

Step 2: Removing the Core

Remove the core at Mark B bending the rope sharply and carefully spreading the cover strands to expose and remove the core. Balance the core to the cover by milking the rope from the knot back towards mark B. The point where the core exits at B is location 0 on the core. Note: This is a reference point only. Rope does not need to be physically marked at this location.) Pull the core out and measure from location 0 one short fid length (towards the knot): this is Mark 1(make a single band/mark on the core). Measure an additional long fid length from 1: this is mark 2. (Make a double band/mark on the core)

Step 3: Bury the Cover

Taper the end of the cover tail by taping the end (2 inch) and cutting at a 45 degree angle. Then attach the cover tail to your fid. Insert the fid into the cover at mark B and out at mark C. Pull the cover tail thru until mark A almost aligns with B. Note: The rope may be tight between marks B&C to create more space, pull a little of the core out as you go; this will both create space (bagging up the cover) and let you know if the fid accidentally snags the core.

Step 4: Core

Cut off the excess core tail beyond mark 1. Then taper the core by unbraiding the core between marks 1 & 2 and cutting the strands at varying lengths. Milk the rope from the knot towards mark B and the core should disappear into the rope.

Step 5: Taper the Cover

Milk the rope from mark B towards mark C to balance the cover. Mark the point where the cover tail exits the rope. Pull the cover tail back out a short fid length and then cut off the excess cover tail by cutting just inside of the exit point that you had marked. Taper the cover tail by unbraiding the cover tail and putting the strands at various lengths. Carefully pull on the eye so that marks A & B align; then milk the rope from mark B to mark C. The cover tail should disappear into the rope.

Step 6: Finishing the Splice

Lightly milk the rope in both directions to remove any excess slack (alternating from the knot to mark B and from mark B to mark C). Finish by cross-stitching the splice.

Caution: a Reeving eye is not a load bearing splice it does not have the strength of a normal eye splice.


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