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Splicing Guide - Tapering the Cover on High-Tech Ropes

Step 1: Beginning the Splice

First determine where you want to make the transition/where you will be removing the core. Then about 6 ft back from the transition point tie a knot in the rope (knot should be on the side that you will be keeping the cover).

Step 2: Removing the Core

At the transition point open the cover braid by bending the rope sharply and carefully spreading the cover strands to expose and remove the core. Balance the core to the cover by milking the rope from the knot back towards the transition point. Mark the core where it exits the cover.

Step 3: Bury the Cover

Keep 12 inches of cover tail beyond the transition point, cut off & remove the balance of the cover. Taper the end of the cover tail by taping the end (2 inch) and cutting at a 45 degree angle. Attach the cover tail to a fid. Insert the fid into the core at the mark you made and out approximately 16 inches down the core.

bury the cover

Step 4: Tapering the Cover Tail

Milk the rope from the knot to the transition point. Remove the fid from the cover tail. Taper the cover tail by unbraiding approximately 6 inches of the cover and then cutting the strands at various lengths.

tapering the cover tail

Step 5: Finishing the Splice

Milk the rope from the knot toward the exit point of the cover tail. The cover tail should go into the core. Finish by cross-stitching approximately 6 inches on each side of the transition point; then whip over the transition point.

finish the splice


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