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Splicing Guide - Kernmantle Braided Safety Blue & HiVee Eye Splice

1/2" (13mm) Braided Safety Blue & HiVee Eye Splice Instructions


  • Only qualified personnel should perform this splice.
  • If a splice begins to slip while in use, discontinue use of rope.
  • When spliced correctly, this product meets the static strength requirements of BSEN 1891 with termination.

Note: Prior to beginning splice, slide a 5 inch piece of clear shrink tube over end and down the body of the rope. We will need this shrink tube in a later step.

1. Measurements

  1. Measure 2 fids (27.5 in, 700mm) from end of rope and make Mark A.
  2. Form desired size of eye and make Mark B opposite Mark A.
  3. Measure 2 fids (22in, 560mm) down from Mark B and make Mark C.
  4. Measure 1 fid (11in, 280mm) down from Mark C and make Mark D.
  5. Tie a knot in the body of the rope about 1 fid down from Mark D.

2. Marking cover taper

  1. From Mark A count 5 strand pairs towards end of rope and mark the 5th pair (left and right strands).
  2. Continue counting down 5 pairs and marking the 5th pair until a total of 5 strand pairs are marked.

3. Core removal

Carefully open up the braid at Mark C and pull out the blue core yarns from the end of the rope back to Mark C.

4. Tapering end of rope

  1. Pull out marked strand pairs from braid. DO NOT CUT.
  2. Tape end of cover tail and attach fid to tapered end of rope.

5. Performing splice

  1. Insert fid into rope at Mark B and out at Mark D.
  2. Pull tail through body of rope from B to D.
  3. As each marked strand pair is about the be buried in the rope at Mark B carefully cut each strand in the marked pair.
  4. Continue to pull the tail end of the rope through until Marks A & B coincide.

6 Marking tails

  1. Smooth rope from eye back to Mark D to remove all slack in the braid.
  2. Smooth rope from knot to Mark C to bury as much of the blue core yarns as possible.
  3. Mark both cover tail and core yarns where they exit from body of rope.

7. Final taper

  1. Pull buried tail and cover yarns out of rope at their respective exit points until about 1 fid length is exposed. This is the distance that the tail and the core yarns overlap in the splice.
  2. Cut both cover tail and core yarns where they were marked in Step No. 6c above.
  3. Taper both cover tail and core yarns from the ends back about the fid length. This taper provides a smooth transition from the buried tail of the splice to the core yarns extending down the remainder of the rope.
  4. Bury the exposed ends by alternately smoothing the rope from the eye down and from knot up.

8. Finishing splice

  1. Secure knot firmly in place and pull sharply on eye to make sure all slack is removed from splice area and cover and core tails are seated properly.
  2. Apply whipping to base of eye for a distance of about 2 rope diamteres (24mm).
  3. Cross-stitch throad of splice to help prevent splice slippage>

  1. Pass stitching through throat of splice and criss-cross the stitching as shown.
  2. After completing 3 complete stitches, rotate rope 90o and perform another 3 stitches.
  3. The splice will now be stitched on two planes perpendicular to each other, shown in cross section view.
  4. After stitching is complete, extract the two ends of twine through the same hole in the braid. Melt the ends of the twins using a hot knife and press them against the rope while hot to prevent them from slipping back into the rope.
  1. After cross-stitching, slide the clear shrink tube over the stitched section and apply heat from heat gun until tube has shrunk down and is snug to the rope. This shrink tube protects the cross-stitching, while allowing for inspection.











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