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Boss Manufacturing Company

Boss Brand Image

Since 1893 Boss has been manufacturing high quality protective products to industrial businesses and retailers nationwide. Boss gloves are known for their quality craftsmanship and reliability and offered in a wide selection of styles for use with almost any application. The dedication that Boss has in the craftsmanship and quality in their products is what has made them a leader in the glove industry. Their selection ranges from general purpose gloves, to chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, disposable and leather gloves.

Boss Gloves

  • Boss Cotton GlovesCotton Gloves: Cotton gloves are used for a variety of applications and often to protect products from contamination. There is a wide selection coated cotton gloves for increased grip and added durability.

  • Cut-resistant gloves: These gloves are made with high performance materials, such as Nitrile Kevlar, and HPPE and used in a wide variety of applications and industries, including meat glass applications and sheet metal work.

Chemical Resistant Gloves

  • Boss Disposable GlovesDisposable Gloves: Boss also manufactures a range of disposable gloves available in vinyl, latex and nitrile and are used for general purpose, food preparation, and light chemical use.

  • Latex Gloves: The latex rubber gloves offered by Boss provide good resistance against abrasions and cuts. They are able to withstand water based solutions while providing a solid grip and tactile advantages. Available in a variety of styles, translucent styles are great for general cleaning, while heavier styles resist paint strippers and strong cleaning agents. Coated fabric styles help to better withstand contact with sharp edged materials like wood, brick, glass and rock.

  • Boss Neoprene GlovesNeoprene Gloves: These gloves provide optimum protection against strong alkalis, acids, and a wide range of other chemicals while also offering superior tactile strength and flexibility. Neoprene gloves are resistant to most herbicides, pesticides, degreasing solutions and oils. Coated neoprene styles are used in plating, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metal working, galvanizing and material handling applications.

  • Nitrile Gloves: Nitrile is a synthetic material that offers ideal resistance to many hazardous chemicals and chemical solvents while maintaining superior tactile strength and flexibility. These nitrile gloves perform well in a wide range of temperatures against caustics, oil, kerosene, turpentine, greases, herbicides, pesticides, acids, naptha and alcohol while also resisting cutting and punctures and providing flexibility. Ideal for use in commercial cleaning, painting and maintenance applications.

  • PVC Gloves: Boss PVC Gloves provide economical protection against many alcohols and glycol ethers, as well as short term protection against many oils, caustics, fats, acids and petrohydrocarbons.

  • Vinyl Gloves: Vinyl offers practical and affordable protection from nicks and scrapes, they are also durable and provide moisture protection and excellent flexibility.

Leather Gloves

  • Cowhide: Boss Leather GlovesCowhide is the most popular of all leathers due to its availability and cost. This durable material provides good abrasion resistance, attractive appearance, and good thermal protection.

  • Goatskin: This "single ply" leather cannot be split like cowhide or deerhide. It also has the highest natural lanolin content which helps to prevent hands from drying out after extended wear. Goatskin provides excellent wear and abrasion resistance and is soft and pliable making it ideal for medium duty jobs. This type of leather glove is an excellent choice as a tig-welding glove, for handling small parts, or where tactile sensitivity is required.

  • Pigskin: Due to its porous hide, pigskin is known for its breathability and ability to withstand moisture, pigskin also tends to get softer with use. This material stays supple and flexible even after getting wet, it is an economical choice and offers excellent abrasion resistance.

  • Deerskin: Naturally soft with superior dexterity, deerskin offers the highest tensile strength, is warm and long wearing providing luxurious comfort, however deerskin also tends to be the most expensive leather due to shorter supply.

  • Sheepskin: Sheepskin gloves offer excellent dexterity with superior sensitivity and is soft and supple for superior comfort.

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