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Shimano Baitcasting Reels Drag Replacement

Shimano, Curado, B&D Series; Chronarch- CH100A, CH50Mg, 100Mg, CH100B, Calcutta and Calcutta B series (excluding CT400 and CT700 sizes); Citica and Citica B series

List of tools that may be needed for service:

  • Tools: Small Flat Head Screwdriver, Small Phillips Head Screwdriver, 10MM Nut Driver or Shimano Wrench
  • Lubricants: Shimano, Bantam Oil (BNT1445), Shimano Drag Grease (A-DRA1/4)
  • Cleaners: Cotton Swabs, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, Tooth Brush, Paper Towels or Rags
  • Schematics: All Shimano reels come with schematics, however, they can also be found here:


tools for servicing reel drag

Tools and cleaning materials recommended to service reel. Some Shimano reels come with Bantam Oil. These simple tools are readily available at hardware stores.

reel spool access is via Escape hatch on left side

For most reels, access spool assembly via Turnkey Dial. Spool access on Chonarch reels is via Escape Hatch located on the rear lower left hand side of reel.

spool removed from reel

Remove spool assembly. Clean any visible dirt and debris from exterior of reel with cotton swabs or toothbrush and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Dirt, debris, salt, or sand leads to wear and tear.

cleaning the reel pinion gear with a cotton swab

Clean the inside of pinion gear with a cotton swab for optimal freespool and casting performance.

lubricating VBS brake collars on Shimano reel

Clean out oil VBS Brake Collars to maintain quiet, efficient casting performance. Replaced Brake Collars if worn or excessively dirty.

inspecting and cleaning Shimano reel spool assembly

Inspect and clean spool assembly. Clean spool shaft and oil spool bearing or bushing if applicable. Note:Do not grease spool shaft, as it will affect freespool adversely.

clean and oil VBS Brake Case and spool bearing

Clean and oil VBS Brake Case and spool bearing. A clean and oiled brake case will ensure quiet casting performance.

oil the reel Super free support bearing and drive shaft

Lightly oil Super Free support bearing and drive shaft bearing.

cleaning and oiling the levelwind system

Clean and oil levelwind system. Grease may also be used for high image reels to further prevent wear and tear of corrosion.

Heavy Duty Maintenance:  Procedure recommended for reels that have had extensive saltwater exposure and/or those that have been submerged in saltwater.

Lightly rinse reels with freshwater using a spray bottle or light. Avoid excessive water from a high pressure source as this may push salt and/or debris inside the reel. Wipe down reel with a rag or towel after rinsing. This is also good practice after very fishing trip.

remove reel handle assembly

Use a small Phillips or flathead screwdriver to remove handle assembly.

remove reel handle nut

Use a 10 MM nutdriver or wrench to remove handle nut. Thereafter, remove star drag, spring, and washers.

removing reel side plate screws

Remove side plate screws. It is always a good idea to lay out the parts in order to aid in reassembly.

removing reel side plate

Remove side plate. Take care not to loose yoke springs as they may fall out.

removing reel drive gear

Remove drive gear, drag washers, pinion gear, yoke, yoke springs.

Drive gear, drag spacer, drag washer, and drag plate

Drive gear, drag spacer, drag washer, and drag plate.

Clean drive hear and apply Shimano Drag Grease

Clean drive hear and apply Shimano Drag Grease on the threads of the gear.

clean and regrease drag washer

Clean drag washer of old grease. Apply a light coat of Shimano Drag Grease.

clean pinion gear

Clean the inside of the pinion gear for optimal freespool performance.

reinstall reel drive gear

Reinstall drive gear, drag washers, yoke, and pinion. Take care not to damage gear threads. Note the proper orientation of yoke and pinion gear.

reinstall reel yoke springs

Reinstall yoke springs and roller clutch inner tube. Reinstall right side plate and side plate screws.

reinstall star drag, washer and handle assembly

Reinstal star drag, washer, handle assembly. Tighten handle nut with 10MM nutdriver or wrench.

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