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Epifanes Rapidclear Application Directions


Quick and Easy Wood Protection!

Type One-component clear wood finish based on modified alkyd/urethane resin. U.V protecting Epifanes Rapidclear, providing excellent protection in all climates, is the answer for a quick and easy alternative to conventional varnish.
Color Clear
Gloss Semi gloss
Recommended use For long term protection and enhancement of all marine and household woods. Interior and exterior wood above the waterline. Epifanes Rapidclear can be used for renewing weathered areas prior to a varnish system or as a full system for those requiring a quick and easy semi-gloss finish with maximum durability, UV protection and longevity.
Characteristics Epifanes Rapidclear provides an enhancing, U.V. protecting film. It bonds extremely well to teak and other oily woods, preventing discoloration and emphasizes the natural grain of the wood. NO SANDING BETWEEN COATS, excellent water resistance and flexibility. Rapidclear can be applied every 5-6 hours. Four to five coats are sufficient under most conditions. Easy touch up and maintenance.
Container Size 750 ml.
Density .889 kg/liter (mixed)
Solids Content 40 +/- 2 vol.% (mixed)
Recommended film thickness Per coat wet - 70 micron
Per coat dry - 25 micron
Application Brush, roller, conventional air spray, H.V.L.P., airless.
Drying times at 65F / 65% RH Tack free - 3 hours       Tape free - 55 hours
Dry - 4 hours       Recoatable - 5-6 hours
Application conditions Temperature should be between 50F. and 85F. during application. Air humidity below 85%. Avoid application in too much wind or sun.

One-component Rapidclear system
on wood above the waterline

Surface Preparation:
Bare wood must be clean, dry and free of grease etc. Degrease with Epifanes Spray Thinner For Paint & Varnish or denatured alcohol. Wiping down with mineral or white spirits, may leave an oily residue. Do not use water. Sand the bare wood to a fresh surface with 60 - 80 grit dry abrasive paper with the grain of the wood. A block may be used to assist in fairing the surface. Finish sand with 100 - 120 grit dry abrasive paper. Brush application with a good quality, clean, natural bristle brush will give good results. Try an Epifanes brush for the ultimate varnishing experience. Foam brushes are convenient on smaller projects however, are not suitable for larger jobs. "Roll and tip" is a great method for large flat areas. 3" foam roller followed by a bristle brush is the best combination.

Coats First Second Third Fourth & Fifth
Product Epifanes Rapidclear Epifanes Rapidclear Epifanes Rapidclear Epifanes Rapidclear
Thinner N/A N/A N/A N/A
Thinning Ratio % N/A N/A N/A N/A
Drying Time in hours 5-6 at 65F. 5-6 at 65F. 5-6 at 65F. 5-6 at 65F.
Abrasive paper grit N/A N/A N/A N/A
Abrasive paper type N/A N/A N/A N/A
Approx. coverage / 150 sq. feet 150 sq. feet 150 sq. feet 150 sq. feet

If existing coats of Rapidclear are intact, one or more coats may be applied on a well cleaned, and degreased surface. For annual maintenance, apply a minimum of one or two coats of Epifanes Rapidclear. The number of maintenance coats needed depends on the condition of the Rapidclear system. The weather and atmospheric conditions to which the finish is subjected will determine the amount of time between maintenance coats. Bare or weathered areas may be treated with a cleaning or bleaching product. If either are used, wash down the surface thoroughly with fresh water in order to remove any residue. Allow the surface to dry. Sand and apply three coats of Rapidclear as per instructions.

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