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Epifanes Epoxy Primer Application Directions

Epifanes Epoxy Primer

Faster build-up, easy sanding

Type Two-component anti-corrosive primer based on epoxy resin with zinc phosphate as the anti-rust agent.
Color White
Gloss Semi-gloss
Recommended use Filling primer in a two-component paint system on wood (ply) and fiberglass, and as an anti-rust primer in a two-component paint system on steel and aluminum. For interior and exterior use above or below the waterline. Recoatable with all Epifanes two-component products.
Container Size 750 ml., 2000 ml. (100 parts comp. A to 14 parts comp. B by weight).
Density 1.82 kg/liter (mixed)
Solids Content 50 +/- 2 vol. %
Recommended film thickness Per coat wet - 80 micron
Per coat dry - 40 micron
Coverage Approx. 100 sq. ft./liter
Application Brush, roller, conventional air spray, H.V.L.P., airless.
Drying times at 65F / 65% RH Dust free - 45 minutes      Recoatable - 12 hours
Tack free- 1 hour       Full cure - 7 days
Spray Application Conventional air: Thin as needed up to 10% with Epifanes D-601 Thinner Nozzle 1.5 - 1.8 mm. Pressure 3 - 4 bar.
Application conditions Temperature should be between 50F. and 85F. during application. Air humidity below 85%. Avoid painting in too much wind or sun. A rapid loss of solvents will occur under these conditions and will decrease the flowing ability. Add thinner up to the specified percentage to compensate for the faster release of solvents.

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