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Sikaflex Marine Product Range Overview

Sika is a Swiss company, leading the world in a range of specialty chemicals. With a local presence in over 70 countries, Sika links directly with customers to ensure a mutual success. Every day, highly motivated people strive to provide the best customer service.

Sika Marine now form a vital part of the Maintenance and Refurbishment yards repertoire of resources. And individual boat owners are finding that Sika provides ideal solutions for repair and maintenance of their boats, through specialized distribution companies.

Sika Range of Marine Sealants and Adhesives

Sikaflex-290 DC
Sikaflex-290 DC SL
These are one-component, elastomeric deck caulking compounds which exhibit high UV and weather resistance, show excellent sandability and are specially designed to caulk teak decks
Sikaflex-291 This is a one-component, low viscosity, thixotropic, medium modulus, polyurethane-based sealing and adhesive compound. This all-purpose grade is used for general sealing applications
Sikaflex-292 A one-component, thixotropic, high modulus, structural, polyurethane -based adhesive system. The product is used for a wide range of bonding applications, deck-to-hull, bedding of chain plates, through-hull fittings, toe rails and anchor plates
Sikaflex-295 UV A medium to fast curing, high UV and weather resistant, one-component, flexible, high-performance polyurethane-based adhesive for bonding, backfilling and sealing of windows and portholes. Sikaflex-295 UV is suitable for all types of organic (PC, PMMA) window panes
Sikaflex-296 A fast-curing, one-component, UV resistant, flexible, high-performance polyurethane-based adhesive for bonding windows and portholes. Sikaflex-296 is suitable for all types of mineral glass. Its high degree of UV resistance also allows the use of the system as a weatherproof sealant (back-filler)
Sikaflex-298 FC
Sikaflex-298 SL
These are one-component self-levelling bedding and bonding adhesives with excellent adhesion properties. Sikaflex-298 FC has fast curing characteristics
Sika Floor Marine-352 SL
Sika Floor Marine-352 ST
These are two-component, polyurethane-based compounds exhibiting various rheologies and are used for the levelling of unevenness prior to the fitting of teak decks
SikaFiresil Marine N
SikaSil N Plus Marine
These are high-performance silicon-based, one-component mildew resistant systems, which due to their excellent flame retardant properties, are in high demand in general ship and boat building industry
SikaFast-3121, SikaFast-3131
SikaFast-3141, SikaFast-3161
These two component MMA based flexibilized structural adhesives are intended to do away with the labour intensive taping procedure in the production of marine elements. The products differ in open time and rheology
SikaFast-5211, SikaFast-5215
These are two-component high molecular weight resin based systems exhibiting very fast curing characteristics
SikaForce-7750 FRW,
SikaForce-7752 FRW
These are two-component fire retardant rigid polyurethane based compounds which exhibit various moduli and are therefore applicable for a wide range of bonding applications
SikaFirestop Marine SikaFirestop Marine is a fireproofed inorganic polymerized silicate. The product is non-combustible and does not give-off fumes

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