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How to Use the Preval Spray Gun

Fast and easy paint touch-ups

The Preval Spray Gun goes to work fast. Just fill and it's ready to spray. It's also comfortable to use. New ergonomic button design prevents finger fatigue.

Just Fill


And Spray

Application and Directions

1. Each power unit sprays up to 16 oz. (depending on viscosity) of liquid. You can replace power units in a snap. Containers are inter-changeable, too.

2. Should the sprayer clog, clear it in a flash by simply holding hold your finger over the red spray-hole in the Preval button. Then give the button a quick push to blow the straw clear.

3. When finished, Clean-up simply in seconds with a cap full of solvent. Insert the dip tube into the solvent and spray a few short bursts, clearing away paint residue. You're now ready for the next job.

  • The Preval Spray Gun is light, portable and self-powered. It's a handy, low-cost tool.
  • Saves Time and Money - The instant you attach the power unit to the container, it's ready to spray. Nothing could be faster or easier to use.
  • Does it all - use multiple containers to switch from one product to another in seconds.
  • Easy to use; easy to clean - The new Kosmos button makes it comfortable to work with. And clean-up takes only seconds!

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