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Beginning back in 1962 under Poly-Tech Industries, they started out making small precision components for aero-space, computers and military hardware. By 1988 they started making a quick change chuck for power drills and developing a system of tools for quick change adaption. Snappy tools combine high quality materials and patented technology to deliver industrial quality tools to the tradesman and do-it-yourselfers at affordable prices. Today, they continue to manufacture industrial quality precision and quick change tools.

Snappy Tool Building
  • Quick Change Chucks:
    Snappy Mini-Chuck Snappy quick change chucks allow you to quickly and easily change drill bits and accessories with no hassle or chuck key.

  • Drill Adapters:
    Snappy Drill Adapter The drill adapters allow you to easily convert round shank bits for use with your quick change chuck. These adapters fit all standard and specialty round shank bits, cobalt bits, brad point bits, and masonry bits. Each adapter accepts a range of sizes and designed for us in metal, wood, or plastic.

  • Countersinks:
    Snappy manufactures various sized gold screw and tool steel countersinks.

  • Drill Bit Guides:
    Snappy Drill Bit Guides Use self-centering drill bit guides for accurate drilling of holes for hinges, handles, drawer slides, etc.

  • Other Bits and Accessories:
    Snappy also offers a variety of other accessories including: plug cutters, stop collars, spade bits, and drill guide replacement twists.
Snappy Accessories

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