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How Adhesives and Sealants Function - Sika

Sika's adhesives and sealants are working materials that show good affinity for other surfaces. Their task is to flow as a liquid onto and into the contours of a surface and subsequently transform themselves into a solid compound by developing both a physical and chemical bond with the substrates.

Sika's Marine Adhesive and Sealant Systems can range from fluid to heavy thixotropic, paste-like systems, able to supply low-to-high strength values and able to cure to a highly elastic or rigid bond. The ability of the adhesive or sealant to "wet" a surface is critical in the development of a proper bond; solidification (curing) can take place through a physical or a chemical reaction or both of these at the same time.

Mechanisms of Bond Development

By drying off the adhesive
Loss of solvent or moisture from an open surface and through porous substrates e.g. SikaSense or SikaTherm, aqueous or solvent based systems
By applying a hot, molten adhesive and leaving it to cool
A molten adhesive is applied to a joint, held in place and left to cool until solid e.g. SikaMelt, a hot melt adhesive
By chemical reaction, using a two- component meter-mixed adhesive
Two reactive adhesive elements are mixed, applied to a joint, and held in place until handling strength is reached e.g. SikaDur, a two-component epoxy based (EP) resin.

SikaFast, a two-component acrylic resin based system or

SikaForce, a two-component polyurethane (PUR) based system
By chemical reaction, using a one- component humidity-curing process
A one-component moisture reactive adhesive, applied to a joint, and held in place until sufficient handling strength is reached e.g. Sikaflex, a one-component polyurethane (PUR) based system or

SikaSil, a one-component silicone (SI) based system

By chemical reaction, using a one- component vacuum- curing process
One-component vacuum reaction adhesive requiring absence of oxygen from the joint until curing is complete A one-component anaerobic acrylic adhesive e.g. thread lockers

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