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As your points add up you will earn higher levels of badges as you the climb the ranks. Each time you get to a new level we will email you a Free Shipping coupon valid on your next purchase.

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JD Points - Here is how it works

Jamestown Customers Rock!
Our community of Boat builders, Woodworkers, Grease Monkeys and Engineers are amazing. And we are very proud that so many of them have contributed by writing a product review or by sharing a photo on our website.

That is why we have built the JD Points Program. We want to reward the people who are helping the Jamestown community and encourage more people to contribute as well.

Every time you contribute, you'll earn points as well as improve the shopping experience for thousands of other people like yourself. As your points add up, you will earn higher levels of badges - identifying you with a higher rank. Points can be earned in a variety of ways from posting a review to posting an image. You can even earn points by making a purchase.

Best of all - each time you take it to the next level you will earn a Free Shipping coupon.

How to earn JD Points

Every time you log-in and post a review or interact with the community you will be rewarded with points. Different actions receive different point totals.

  • Write A Review - 100 pts
  • Long Review Bonus - +25 pts
  • Verified Buyer Review Bonus - +25 pts
  • First Review Bonus - +25 pts
  • Image or Video Bonus - +50 pts
  • Helpful Vote - 10 pts
  • Purchase - 50 pts

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. You must have a Jamestown account login to participate. But once you are logged in you can write a review on a product that you have previously purchased or you can interact with other reviews. For a quick look at your Order History click here.

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