Torqueedo Travel 503 Electric Outboard Motor
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  • Torqueedo Travel 503 Electric Outboard Motor

Torqeedo Travel 503 Electric Outboard Motor

The Torqeedo Travel 503 has 500 watt power output equivalent to 1.5 horsepower, making it perfect for tenders, dinghies, fishing boats, and smaller sailboats up to 1,600 lbs. Improved lithium battery technology and optimized efficiency provide up to 6 hours run time, longer with supplementary solar charging. GPS enabled computerized range calculator and consumption rate monitor.

Compared to today's modern 4-stroke outboards, electric motors are a more economical solution that are better for the environment. Advantages include no oil changes, no fuel refills, no engine servicing, record efficiency, and usable on protected waters that ban traditional gasoline outboards.

Radically more powerful and efficient than previous electric trolling motors, the Travel 503 weighs only 30 lbs and recharges overnight.

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Torqeedo Motor & Battery Details

The 503 features watertight motor components to protect sensitive electronics against moisture intrusion or complete immersion. For safety, the motor automatically shuts off when the magnetic key on the remote throttle is removed. It's a good idea to attach this key to your wrist or life jacket.

In very hot weather, both the 503 and the 1003 may run under reduced power after running over 30 minutes at full throttle. This is a temperature protection mode to prevent battery overheating.

Torqeedo upgraded both Travel motors to a new lithium manganese system for less weight and better performance. These new LIMA batteries take 15 hours to fully charge from empty to full. To maximize their service life, minimize battery exposure to high temperatures and do not store fully charged for long periods. When not in use, keep out of the sun and store in a cool place. For long term storage, a charge status of about 50% is optimal. By following these guidelines, your Travel motor's battery should last 6 to 10 years.

Battery Charging: The battery may be solar charged while in use. Use the included connector with the PowerFilm or other solar charger with a voltage rating between 24 and 60 V and max current of 4 amps. Using on-board power source to charge requires an inverter to convert voltage to between 100 and 240 V.

The solar panel will charge a totally dead battery in a few days. Plugged in, the panel will even run a motor with a dead battery (albeit a reduced efficiency).

Travel 503 Features & Specifications

  • Input power 500 watts
  • Rated voltage 29.6 volts
  • Final voltage 33.6 volts
  • Propulsive power 220 watts
  • Comparable gas outboards (propulsive power) 1.5 hp
  • Comparable gas outboards (thrust) 2 hp
  • Maximum overall efficiency 44%
  • Static thrust 40lbs
  • Total weight - 28.0 lbs (Short shaft) / 29.3 lbs (Long shaft)
  • Weight of motor without battery - 19.6 lbs (Short shaft) / 20.9 (Long shaft)
  • Weight of integrated battery- 8.4 lbs
  • Shaft length- 23 inches (Short shaft) / 28 inches (Long shaft)
  • Integrated battery - 300 Wh LIMA
  • Propeller dimensions- 12 inch x 10 inch
  • Propeller speed at full power- max. 700 rpm
  • Control- Tiller-control
  • Steering- 360° lockable
  • Tilting device- manual with grounding protection
  • Trim device- manual, 4-step
  • Stepless drive forwards/reverse
  • Integrated onboard computer with display


Range Estimates  Speed in knots  Range in nm  Run-time in hours 
Full throttle  3.6 - 4.0  2.2 - 2.5  0:48 
Half throttle  2.5 - 3.0  5.0 - 6.0  2:00 
Slow speed  1.5 - 2.0   9.0 - 12.0  6:00 
BRAND: Torqeedo
Type: Outboard Motors
4.5 2

Very Convienient


This is a terrific solution for a recreational fishing & sightseeing dingy such as our Portland Pudgy. No messy oil or fuel & easy to stow away under our camper. Easy setup and overnight charge provides plenty of time on the water.


Santa Cruz Ca.


Great Little Electric Outboard


Great little outboard. Used to move a 14' sailboat across lakes when the wind dies down. Its relatively quiet, lightweight, and at medium throttle lasts the 3-4 hours specified, while moving the boat (approx 700 lbs.) about 3 mph at 1/2 throttle.


Sevierville, Tn


Torqeedo Travel 503 Electric Outboard Motor



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