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  Fine Paints Brush Care

Fine Paints of Europe: Good Brushes Deserve Good Care Once you invest in good brushes, you will certainly want to care for them properly. We suggest that by following the instructions below, you will substantially improve the quality of your painting results and maximize the serviceable life of...

  Preval Spray Gun

The paint sprayer for every color under the sun. The Preval Spray Gun is quick, easy, and will save time and effort. For a missed spot or quick job, the Preval Spray Gun turns paint into a fine, even mist. Use on cars, boats, in the office, garden, factory, this spray gun can spray all kinds of...

  Paint Brush Basics

Paint Brush Basics Natural vs Synthetic Bristles: Paint brushes with natural bristles are meant for oil-based paints. The newer Synthetic bristles can be used for anything but were really designed for water-based paints. Natural bristles will soak up the water and go limp in water-based paints....

  3m Paint Preparation System

The 3M™ PPS™ - Paint Preparation System replaces traditional paint mixing cups and filters and drastically reduces the amount of solvent required for gun cleaning. 3M™ PPS™ is a unique, closed paint system which eliminates the need for separate mixing cups and filters....


Back to Nature manufactures an environmentally safe paint and varnish removers. These finish strippers contain no methyl chloride or other harsh solvents that can harm the environment. Biodegradable, non-flammable, virtually odorless and easy to clean-up using water Back To Nature paint strippers...

  Choosing the Right Paint Roller Cover

Choosing the Right Paint Roller Cover Paint roller covers vary in their composition, density, nap, and application. Foam roller covers are best for applying gloss or semi gloss paints and leave no lint or stipple behind. Water and solvent based adhesive and epoxies work better with synthetic...

  Interlux Painting Equipment Guidelines

Equipment Guidelines The equipment used for applying the finish can make a difference to the success of your project. Guidelines for the best equipment to use are always detailed on the paint can and if a particular type of brush or roller is required, it will be specified. Further details are...

  Practical uses for razor blades - West System

By Tom Pawlak Necessity is the mother of invention,and razor blades are often called into service for a variety of tasks around the shop other than shaving. Here are a few. Mini-spreader Razor blades can be used in a pinch to apply caulks and thickened epoxies with great precision. They do a great...

Caviness G Series Painted Oars Caviness G Series Painted Boat Oars
$35.72 to $62.14
Plastic Paint Pails Plastic Paint Pails
$2.86 to $12.35
Quantum DIY Genius Bucket video
Interlux Perfection Howto: Applying Epoxy, Filler and Primer
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