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  • Marine-Tex Epoxy

    Marine-Tex Epoxy

    Marine-Tex is an epoxy putty that hardens like steel and is sandable like wood. Use it to repair...

    In Stock 

    Price: $16.99 to $96.99
  • Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer

    Marine-Tex Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer

    Gluvit is a paintable waterproof epoxy sealer that seeks, fills, and seals cracks in wood,...

    In Stock 

    Price: $45.99 to $115.99
  • TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner

    Marine-Tex TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner

    TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner cleans and brightens heavily soiled teak and other fine wood decks and trim...

    In Stock 

    Price: $30.46 to $87.02
  • Marine-Tex FlexSet

    Marine-Tex FlexSet

    Marine-Tex FlexSet is a flexible epoxy adhesive that can be applied above or below the waterline on...

    In Stock 

    Price: $29.16
  • Marine-Tex Rapid Set

    Marine-Tex Rapid Set

    Rapid-Set is a waterproof epoxy ideal for quick-fix or permanent repairs. Fast setting paste bonds...

    In Stock 

    Price: $12.85
Items: 1 - 5 of 5 | Pages: 1 
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