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boat cleaning tools, marine cleaning supplies

Cleaning Tools

All you need to keep your boat clean, including mops, sponges, ScotchBrite, and more....

Hand Cleaners

Hand Cleaners

Hand cleaners quickly remove dirt, oil, grease, grime, paint, adhesives, and more without harsh...

General Marine Cleaners, Boat Soap

Marine Cleaners

There are a number of boat care products that are specific for cleaning applications, ranging from...

flitz metal polish, marine metal polish

Metal Polish

Metal polish and cleaner from Flitz, Nevr Dull, Brasso, Collinite, 3m and others to clean, polish,...

boat polishers, fein, buffalo polisher


Boat Polisher and Boat Polish from Jamestown Distributors. We carry a wide variety of boat...

fiberglass boat polish from 3M


Fiberglass restoration supplies are the waxes, polishes and cleaners that are used to restore aged...

3m marine wax, boat waxes


Marine wax gives your boat protection from sun-light (UV), abrasion, and gives your topside gelcoat...

Boat Cleaning Supplies - 3M and others

Maintaining a boat to preserve that show-room shine and boatyard glisten takes a complete system of products, ranging from boat polish, marine wax, stain removers, metal polish, and fiberglass cleaner. From Dirtex cleaners to Flitz metal polishes, Jamestown Distributors has a complete line of Cleaning Supplies and Cleaning tools for all of your marine needs. We carry waxes, bottom cleaners, metal polishes, boat polish, hand cleaners, wire brushes, solvents and so much more... Everything you need to keep your sailboat, kayak, or powerboat looking sharp.

Some of our most popular cleaning products include: Dirtex Spray Cleaner. Removes dirt, grease & grime with just a wipe. Has a pleasant odor & contains no fluorocarbons Excellent for use on: glass, chrome, and tile. Fiberglass Stain Remover. Removes oil, rust, exhaust, waterline and transom stains. Requires no sanding or compounding/ Non-abrasive, will not harm gel coat or finish of white painted surfaces.

3M itself offers a full line of boat care products, everything from Polishing supplies, polish, wax, cleaners, specialty cleaners, stain removers, mildew treatment and more. Interlux, too, offers a comprehensive system. There are also a number of metal treatment supplies including polishes from Flitz, Collinite and 3M. Some cleaning supplies are caustic; some are environmentally- and user-friendly.

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