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Antennas and Accessories

Antennas and Accessories

Antennas for marine radio navigation and communication devices are crucial to proper operation....

Battery Chargers and Inverters

Battery Chargers and Inverters

Battery Chargers and Inverters are designed for a wide range of marine applications. From small...

marine electrical switches

Electrical Switches

Marine electrical switches are made by Ancor, Blue Sea Systems and Cole-Herse. Push/pull, push...

electrical tape

Electrical Tape

Electrical tapes from 3m for various applications. General use, moisture sealant, heat shrink...

crimping tools, butane torches and electrical tools, solder

Electrical Tools

Crimping tools, solder, and butane torches are just some examples of electrical installation tools...

Interior Lighting, Cabin Lights and Accessories

Interior Lighting

Marine lighting from Aqua Signal, Perko, Hella and other manufacturers. Boat cabin lighting in...

Marine Batteries, Battery Cable, Switches and Accessories

Marine Batteries and Accessories

Marine Battery Accessories are in stock and ready to ship. Boat battery supplies include cable,...

Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Panels and Terminal Blocks

Marine Electrical Panels and Parts

Terminals and Fuses designed for marine applications, as well as many other marine-grade electrical...

Marine Grade Primary Wire

Marine Grade Primary Wire

Jamestown Distributors offers a full selection of Marine Primary Wire as well as Marine Duplex and...

Marine Radios and Accessories

Marine VHF Radios and Communications

A marine radio is the primary communication and safety device for any activities on water. Any...

Navigation Lights and Accessories

Navigation and Exterior Lights

Marine navigation lights, exterior courtesy and spreader lights, searchlights, spotlights and access...

Shore Power

Shore Power

Jamestown Distributors offers a complete selection of Shore Power cables, adapters and connectors...

marine wiring components, connectors and terminals

Wiring Connectors and Terminals

Marine wiring components including connectors, terminals, ties, clamps, and accessories....

Marine Electrical Supplies

Electrical supplies from Jamestown Distributors. We are proud to offer all the supplies needed to rewire boats of all sizes. Although this is a job that should be performed by experienced persons, it is often necessary for an owner to replace faulty components in their boat's electrical system. Typical repairs include; replacing worn battery terminals or cable, upgrading an electrical panel, changing blown fuses, as well as adding layers of tape or heat shrink sleeving to vital wire connections.

Electrical systems can be extremely complicated and may also be dangerous, especially when working around AC current. Although we carry a large selection of electrical supplies, Jamestown Distributors does not suggest making alterations to any electrical system without first consulting with a trained professional marine electrician.

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