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Fishing Accessories, rod holders, fishing rod mounts

Fishing Accessories

Fishing rod holders and rod racks help to keep your boat organized during sport fishing and...

Fishing Tackle, Equipment and Accessories

Jamestown Distributors offers a full line of fishing rod holders and racks from AFI Marine and other companies. Rod Holders are an often-overlooked yet invaluable tool that can increase fishing success and enjoyment when out in the boat. When used in conjunction with trolling applications, these units are a necessary tool for precision placement of rods, baits, and lures, allowing the angler a completely hands-free approach. Not only that, but they come in pretty handy when it's time to relax with a sandwich and a soda under the warm summer sun and also during nasty and extreme weather.

Fishing Rod Racks are a great way to store fishing rods at home or on the boat. Store your rods with or without the reels attached. Fishing rod racks can be mounted vertical, horizontal, or overhead on a boat or at you home. This is a safe way to protect your rods and reels when the fish are not biting.


A complete selection of conventional and spinning rods from Shimano, Penn, Shakespeare, Ugly Stick, Lamiglas, and more. With everythingfrom surf rods to offshore tuna setups, professional anglers and amateurs alike will find something to suit their application.


Jamestown Distributors offers top-of-the-line spinning and conventional reels from Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, Abu Garcia, and more. Today's spinning reels are designed for everything from catching sunfish at the local pond, to battling giant tuna offshore. Today's reels have been re-engineered to accept braided lines, a relatively new introduction into the sportfishing industry. Specialty reels, like Shimano's Baitrunner, are ideal for bait fisherman that need a free-spool reel, but favor spinning setups over conventional ones.

Even today's conventional reels have been re-engineered over their predecessors. Daiwa has introduced a reel specifically designed for wire line, with a corrosion-resistant spool to prevent rust and fouling normally associated with wire line setups. Precise lever drags and multiple ball-bearings ensure that today's reels run smoother and more accurate than ever before.

Rod & Reel Combos

Complete setups from Penn, Ugly Stick, Shakespeare, and more. Many of these combos come pre-spooled with line, and are ready for action right out of the box. JD carries everything from conventional standups to spinning combos and everything in between.

Line and Leader Material

Today's lines are far more advanced than those of years past. With today's advanced technologies, fishing lines have become thinner and stronger than ever. Fluorocarbon leader material is designed to virtually disappear in the water, while maintaining its strength and reliability.

The newest, and most-popular choices among hardcore sportfish enthusiasts are braided lines. Most braided lines use a Dyneema braid, which is incredibly thin yet stronger than steel. This results in a woven line which is super-thin yet remarkably strong, giving anglers a serious advantage when fishing for big-game.

With a full compliment of lines and leader material from Ande, Berkley, PowerPro, Stren, Sufix, Yo-Zuri, and more, Jamestown Distributors can satisfy the needs of any angler.


Swimmers, surface cruisers, poppers, deep-divers and more from Yo-Zuri, Storm, Berkley, Rapala, Bomber, Acme, and others. Coupled with the correct rod and reel, lures can be fished with great results. Some fisherman use lures exclusively over live or cut bait. With the proper techniques, lures can simulate the movement of live bait.

Terminal Tackle

Here you'll find everything including hooks, swivels, snap rings, rigging kits, and more. Jamestown Distributors carries the industry's best-sellers from Gamakatsu, Owner, Mustad, Spro, and more.

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