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chisels, wood chisels, firmer chisels, firmer gouges


Woodworking tools including wood chisels, paint chisels, firmer chisels, and firmer gouges by...

woodworking clamps, c clamps, f clamps, bar clamps, pipe clamps, spring clamps,


Woodworking clamps, pipe clamps, f bar clamps, spring clamps, C clamps, quick release clamps,...

files and rasps


Files and Rasps for metal and woodworking inlcuding nicholson files, cabinet rasps, diamond files,...

hammers, carpenter hammer, rip hammer, framing hammer, scaling hammer, ball pein hammer,

Hammers and Nailing Accessories

Hammers and nailing accessories including framing, rip, ball pein, claw, tack, scaling, hand...

Marking Tools - Awls and chalk reels

Marking Tools

Marking tools such as awls and chalk reels for layout and marking during building projects....

measuring tools, tape measures, stanley tape measures, lufkin tape measures

Measuring Tools

Tape measures, long tapes, calipers, levels, squares, bevels, scales, rulers, thermometers,...

wood planes, hand planes, stanley plane, woodworking plane, bench plane, block plane,


Planes are used to shape, flatten, shave, smooth, and reduce the thickness of wood. We carry wood...

pliers, wrenches, crescent wrenches, hog ring pliers, long nose pliers, needle nose pliers, adjustable wrenches, locking pliers

Pliers and Wrenches

Pliers and wrenches are essential items for every tool box. Our wrench and plier selection includes...

rivets, hand riveters, riveting tools, rivet guns


Aluminum rivets, stainless steel rivets, copper rRivets, riveters, hand rivet tools, rivet guns, ...

hand saws, hacksaws, rigging knives, shears, hole saws, coping saws, undercut saws, pull saws

Saws / Knives / Cutters

Hand saws, knives, shears and other cutting tools including hacksaws, hole saws, coping saws,...

screwdrivers, slotted screwdrivers, phillips screwdrivers, torx screwdrivers, allen head screwdrivers


Individual screwdrivers and screwdriver sets including slotted, screw, driver, phillips, torx,...

Stanley and Arrow Staplers, Staple Guns


Staplers and Staple guns by Arrow and Stanley are designed to handle the load of all of your...

Woodworking and Boat Building Tools

Jamestown Distributors is committed to offering only the best quality woodworking and boat building tools available on the market today. We are not willing to sacrifice quality and our reputation for a less expensive version of any product. Most tools seen here have been tested and put to work in our own professional environment before we will sell them to you. Some of our most respectable product lines include Fein, Festool, Nikota and Turbinaire power tools; Fuller drill bits, countersinks and drilling accessories; Stanley tools, Nicholson files, Firmer chisels, Sandvik scrapers, Jorgensen clamps, and Sterling saw blades. We believe you cannot find a higher quality set of tools than offered here at Jamestown Distributors.
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