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Bimini Tops and T-Tops

Bimini Tops and T Tops

Bimini Tops and T-Tops enhance the beauty, comfort and functionality of cruising, fishing and...

Marine Signal Horns

Boat Horns

Bells, whistles and horns designed specifically for marine use keep you steering clear of danger....

Boat Seats and Seating Hardware including leaning posts, captain

Boat Seats and Tables

Boat seats and seating hardware including leaning posts, captain's chairs, seat cushions, swivels,...

boat and bow chocks


Boat chocks including straight and bow chocks from Jamestown Distributors. Available in stainless...

boat cleats, dock cleat, marine cleat, line cleats


Dock cleat and boat cleats are either made out of stainless steel, bronze or galvanized metal. A...

marine deck hardware, boat deck hardware

Deck Hardware

Marine deck hardware comes in stainless steel, brass, bronze or chrome, and helps to streamline and...

galvanized dock hardware, tie down marine dock hardware

Dock Hardware

Dock Hardware including corners, connectors, dock bumpers, angle pieces, fasteners and accessories....

Catches, marine cabinet catch, elbow, door

Door and Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet catches and elbow catches, available in brass and chrome, give your doors and cabinets a...

eye bolts, lag eyes, brass, stainless steel and galvanized eyebolts

Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are ideal for boat and dock rigging. Eyebolts including galvanized, stainless steel, and...

Eye straps and pad eyes

Eye Straps

Eye straps and pad eyes are made of bronze, chrome, or stainless steel, and depending on the piece,...

Fishing Accessories, rod holders, fishing rod mounts

Fishing Accessories

Fishing rod holders and rod racks help to keep your boat organized during sport fishing and...

Flags and Flag Accessories

Flags and Accessories

Taylor Made Products offers a wide variety of Stainless Steel Poles, Sockets, Flags, and...

bronze pintles and gudgeons

Gudgeons and Pintles

Gudgeons and pintles plus thousands of other marine hardware items from Jamestown Distributors....

half oval, flat stock, hollow back, and tubing

Half Oval and Round Rail Tubing

Half Oval trim stock and other marine trim from Jamestown Distributors. Hollow and solid back...

Telescoping Hatch Adjusters, bronze, brass and chrome adjusters

Hatch Adjusters

Manual, telescoping, and electric hatch adjusters allow for the easy opening, closing and propping...

marine and cabinet hinges, door and strap hinges


Hinges in brass, bronze, stainless steel, and chrome. Cuddy, Door, Pull out, Hatch, Strap, Lift...

Letters, Labels and Signs

Labels and Letters

Shipboard regulation plaques, letters for boat registration, line identification and fun plaques...

Marine and Rigging Tape

Marine and Rigging Tape

Rigging tape and chafing tape are vinyl tapes that were developed specifically to protect rigging...

Navigation Tools

Navigation Tools

Charts, compasses, plotting tools, dividers, parallel rule, quick reference cards, Eldridge,...

boat oars, oarlocks, paddles, and oar lock supplies

Oars and Accessories

Shop boat oars, paddles, and hardware like oarlocks and sockets for every rowing and paddling applic...



Padlocks used with latches, barrel bolts, and hasps for secure cabins....

3m protective tape, 3m protection tape

Protection Tape

Marine and general purpose protective and protection tape including non-skid and marking tapes from...

rope, line and rigging, as well as cable wire and rigging

Rope and Running Rigging

Boat Rope, dock lines, anchor lines, rodes, plus rigging and line accessories, are used for...

Blocks for sailing classic and racing sailboats, teak blocks

Sailing Gear and Equipment

Blocks, winches, hardware, tiller extensions and rig and mast accessories made from high quality...

quick snaps, snap hooks and carabiners

Snap Hooks

Quick snaps and bolt snap hooks are made of stainless steel or bronze to provide a strong,...

Standing Rigging and Lifeline Hardware

Standing Rigging and Lifeline Hardware

Jamestown Distributors offers a wide selection of rigging hardware, tools and supplies. We offer...



A variety of one-speed, two-speed, and self-tailing winches are available from experienced...

Marine Hardware

How Do I Choose the Right Hardware For My Boat?

The correct item is not always easy to find among the thousands of marine hardware items available. Every boat was made with different parts from different manufacturers. From lighting brackets to oarlocks and sockets that have been in the industry for years. We have a vast selection of all products needed in modern and traditional boat building, woodworking, restoration, and dock accessories.

Some of our most popular items include hinges of all types, including piano hinges, brass fittings, shackles, and rigging hardware. Many of these items are available in bronze, brass, galvanized, stainless steel, chrome plated brass, and even black nylon. If you can't find it here call and ask if it is possible to find. It would be impossible to list every single item our manufacturers produce.

Perko Inc., a great marine hardware manufacturer, is a privately owned, fourth generation family corporation. Founded as Perkins Marine Lamp in the late 1800's, the original product line consisted of hand formed and soldered navigation lights, ventilators and chart cases fabricated from brass, copper and galvanized steel. One hundred years later, Perko still produce a variety of similar marine hardware products with individual attention to detail, but as a result of their commitment to quality and responsiveness to the changing needs of our customers, they have expanded into a variety of other modern manufacturing processes and materials.

Our popular hardware items are available in bronze, brass, galvanized, stainless steel, chrome plated brass, and even black nylon. Brass is the most popular choice for many of these products. Brass is surprisingly strong but a very soft metal. Brass screws also demand a carefully sized pilot hole to avoid installation breakage. Brass is the traditional choice for a non-corrosive metal and provides a classic look and feel to any project, marine or otherwise.

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