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Marine and Boat Supplies

This category is rather broad, including rope, fenders, zincs, anchors etc. You should be able to find everything needed to get going off the mooring.

Jamestown Distributors is committed to offering only the best quality marine grade ropes, lines and rigging. We are not willing to sacrifice quality and our reputation for a less expensive version of any product. All the rope seen here has been tested and put to work in our own professional environment and on our own boats before we will sell it to you. Some of our most respectable product lines include New England Rope, J.J. Bidden Cordage Co, Sampson, and Wellington.

Here is a brief list of some rope and line accessories that we have to offer: Dock and Anchor Line 3 Strand, Dock and Anchor Line Double Braid, Braided Cord, Pre Spliced Dock Line 3 Strand, Pre Spliced Dock Line Double Braid, Pre Spliced Anchor Line, Sta-Set Running Rigging, Nylon Braid, Yellow Polypropelene, Shock Cord, Splicing Tools, Rigging Wire/Cable, Cable/Chain and Accessories, Thimbles, Cable Clamps, Turnbuckles, Crimping, Chain Links, Safety Locking Wire, Galvanized Chain (Anchor Chain), Rigging Wire/Cable and much more. All ropes and lines come by the foot and in full spools. Most are available from 3/16 in. up to 3/4 in. and larger.

Dinghy Supplies / Boat Parts

We even have accessories for your small wooden boat project and your rowing dinghy: oars, oarlocks and paddles. Also, there are plenty of docking, mooring and anchoring supplies, as well as boating commodities, like sacrificial zincs.
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