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boat building books

Books and Product Information

Boatbuilding books, plans, sailing calendars, reference books, product manuals, technical...

paint brushes, varnish brushes, nylon bristles, polyester bristles, natural bristles


Paint and varnish brushes are designed to apply a traditional finish to your project or boat....

Canvas drop cloth, plastic drop cloth, tarps, covers, tarpaulin, sheeting, poly sheeting

Drop Cloths and Covers

Protect surfaces and your work space when painting with canvas drop cloths, plastic drop cloths,...

paint masking, masking tape, masking film, masking paper


Masking tape is not your only option when it comes to masking off areas in preparing to paint....

masking tape

Masking Tape

Masking tapes from 3M and other tape manufacturers, including striping tape, 3m 233 indoor masking...

Paint Mixing Tools, paint stirring tools, paint shaker, sticks


Paint mixing, shaking, and stirring products including paint stirring sticks, paint shakers, and...

Paint Pots, paint cans, painting containers

Paint Pots

Paint pots, empty paint cans, and plastic paint pails are clean, effecient storage units for your...

Paint rollers, paint trays, paint roller covers

Paint Rollers

Paint rollers, frames, paint roller covers, paint trays, paint tray liners, roller frames and many...

Paint Sprayers, paint spray guns

Paint Sprayers

Preval, Turbinaire, and Nikota HVLP paint sprayers and spray guns make for efficient and quick...

paint strainers, cleaning and wiping cloth and rags

Paint Strainers and Rags

Paint strainers help remove contaminants and impurities from your paint or varnish system....

Paint Stripper, finish stripper, varnish stripper, varnish remover, paint remover

Paint Strippers

Paint stripper is a broad term that refers different types of chemicals generally used to remove...

paint suits, tyvek paint suits, paper paint suits

Paint Suits

Paint suits and safety suits made by Tyvek with Dupont olefin. Paint suits available with hoods,...

Paint Scrapers, scrapers, putty knivers


Scrapers are a standard and ubiquitous tool for refinishing any surface. Scrapers can be used to...

Paint Supplies

Jamestown Distributors carries all the paint supplies, tools, accessories you will need to accomplish any paint related job. Linseed Oil, Paint sprayers, stir sticks and everything in between are available right here. Any type of thinner or additive is available for all different brands of paint... be sure to check out our great prices on linseed oil and other solvents. We carry Epifanes varnish brushes, throw-away chip and foam brushes and every variety in between.

Our complete line of paint supplies and accessories is available online or through our catalog. General purpose and indispensable paint tools like scrapers, stirring sticks, brushes, roller covers and frames, paint trays etc. For your boatbuilding and woodworking needs, we offer resins, gelcoat, rapid adhesives, and more.

When painting a boat, preparation is the most critical step. Poor surface preparation will always show through the final coat and can also lead to premature wear and tear on the substrate. Cleaning the hull with Intertux, Awlgrip, Epifanes, Sterling, or Z-Spar solvents or thinners will reduce contamination and loosen old paint for removal. The lines of professional solvents that Jamestown Distributors has to offer are excellent in preparing and stripping down paint on your boating project.

Safety is priority #1! We at Jamestown Distributors believe that safety should always be at the top of the list when beginning any type of project. Due to the severity of some materials and chemicals we expose ourselves to on a day-to-day basis there is no excuse for not using proper protection. There are many different dangers in a workplace environment. Covering our skin and clothing with the use of gloves, paint suits, and eye protection is a good start. Protection against airborne chemicals and dust particles is just as important. Overlooking basic safety and health precautions can lead to adverse affects on you for years to come. Proper respiratory safety should be on the top of the list. Jamestown Distributors has the safety supplies to go along with your paint projects.

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