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boat and marine hoses

Hose and Hose Clamps

Marine grade hoses and thousands of other marine plumbing and supply products in stock. Boat hose...

Marine Water and Waste Holding Tanks

Marine Water and Waste Tanks

Holding tanks are a vital component of your boat's plumbing systems. Holding tanks can be used to...

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings, couplings, plugs, elbows, pipe to hose adapters, and more marine-specific plumbing...

bilge pumps, rule bilge pumps, blowers, boat shower pump


Bilge pumps are designed to remove waste water that is cluttering up your bilge. Jamestown...

ball valves, seacocks, groco, buck-algonquin and forespar

Seacocks and Ball Valves

Seacocks and Ball Valves control the flow of water in, out, and through out areas of a boat and its...

Sinks, Faucets, and Shower Fixtures

Showers Sinks Faucets

Our Sink, Faucet, and Fixture section features products from top-quality marine manufacturers such...

scoop strainers, intake strainers, raw water strainers


Scoop strainers in conjunction with intake strainers, raw water strainers and/or in-line strainers...

Thru-Hull Fittings and Deck Fills

Thru Hull Fittings and Deck Fills

Shop for common and hard to find marine thru hull fittings including deck fill plugs, plates,...

Marine Toilets

Toilets and Bathroom Supplies

Heads, pump assemblies and various waste removal systems help to keep your boat sanitary and reduce...



Boat vents, blowers, hatches, and ports from the marine ventilation experts since 1977....

Water Filtration

Water Filtration

3M RV and Marine Filtration Systems reduce contaminants and provide fresher, clearer, odor-free,...

boat water heaters

Water Heaters

We carry slim, basic, and slim square marine water heaters for all power and sail boats. Brands...

Marine plumbing

Marine plumbing hardware must be the most confusing part of any boat. We try to sell only top-quality products so your plumbing issue will not be a recurring one. Brand names like Groco, Rule, Forespar, AWAB hose clamps, Buck-Algonquin, and Flair-It represent the standards of marine plumbing. From these manufacturers, we sell products such as hose clamps, bilge pumps, seacocks, deck fills and plates, water strainers, hose of all types and sizes, strainers, scuppers, fittings, adapters, nipples, etc.

When you're out to sea, whether it's a day sail, an overnight, or cruising up and down the Atlantic / Pacific seaboard, the last thing you want to happen is for your boat's plumbing system to get fouled up. Make sure you take the appropriate measures and check and replace fittings, seacocks, valves, old hose, strainers, etc.

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